PUMA Men's Crew Socks 12-Pairs

PUMA Men's Crew Socks 12-Pairs

Good Morning my Evil Woot Hatchlings. It is I, the one who shall not be named. But I have gone by many names over the years while hosting these events, some have called me The Evil, The Legend, The Suck Up To Mods, The Dark Woot Knight, but, in reality, I just made all of those up. My name is really Jennifer.

But you can call me Steven. I am the host of yet another event. Yay…you can just see the joy dripping off my face.

With that said, and to my regret, this is the last event I shall be hosting. Due to circumstances beyond even my control, my role as host of all things Puma on Woot has ended. It has been a pleasure over the years to provide quality product, entertain the Wooters, and work with Woot’s sales team and Woot’s fiesty moderators.

In particular I would like to pay my compliments to Pepper, the volunteer Mod. I mean how do you even get that gig? Did you willingly subject yourself to this? :slight_smile: Blink twice if you need help.

And to my ever favorite, ThunderThighs. Now ThunderThighs, for those who do not know, is known as the “Pickle Killer” in my book. She broke me of the habit of eating pickles due to its “association” with male pattern baldness. Pickles were my favorite thing to eat. No more…that is something I can’t forgive Thunder for. Ever. Thus our forum romance is no more. :slight_smile:

Thus I leave Woot, a bitter and broken man.

But as King Osric once said to Wooters who are about to put this in their cart:

“What daring! What outrageousness! What insolence! What arrogance!.. I salute you.”

If you have any questions about the product, feel free to ask. But when you ask, ask so with flair. Because I am now going to go back into my hole and eat my mayo sandwiches, without pickles (again Thanks Thunder), and finish watching Simon and Simon, and if I have to pop my head out for some random question like “does this fit on my dolls?” I might just go full trapdoor spider.

Do it Doug!


Farewell, Steven “The Evil” Jennifer “Pickles Rule” Legend, the Suck Up Dark Woot Knight.

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Are these made by real Pumas?

Also congrats on the new job. I can’t wait until your tiger zoo is open. I’ll be first in line. I swear.

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In line? No for you Pepper there is no line…except the processing line. You are the first thing I feed them. :slight_smile:

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Gonna miss you Jeniven, Evil Legend of Suck Up.

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It is no joke. My days are numbered, and as a website reminded me long ago…

“Despair. It is always darkest just before it goes pitch black.”

I will still venture into the world of Woot, just to spy on you. And if you are really lucky, I might just leave little pickles hanging off the trees outside of Woot HQ as a little reminder of our mutual “respect”.

Some would say that is creepy. I just call it friendship. A special kind of friendship that only I know about. :slight_smile:

I did get your note :slight_smile: and thank you!


Thank you peaceetc. It has been a pleasure but all rides must end…or do they?

As Sandra said in Grease…

“Danny, is this the end?”

Danny: “Of course not. it is only the beginning”

Grease is the word!


Even though we didn’t chat much (if at all), I still enjoyed seeing your posts.

People tend to think of forums for a deal site to be pointless, but when a vendor representative for products gets involved, especially when they adapt to the humour, I think better of those brands.


Panther. Real bits of Panther.


I appreciate that Froody! I couldn’t agree more. More vendor reps should take a much stronger interest in overseeing their products here and with as much style as they can muster. Some are just dull and disinterested.

I like the Wooters. They are fun to play with. :slight_smile:


Organic? Free range?


I have a question for you Jennifer Steven, if that’s even your real name!

Why couldn’t you supply this model with socks? Does she think she’s too cool for socks? Are you calling me a loser for buying and wearing these long black socks? Why are you mocking me with your sock ad? I can’t help it that I have to wear socks because of both the sheer size and number of my feet corn.

I kindly await your reply.



I bet you’re hiding a unicorn sparkle pedicure.


Honestly that’s why it has to be black socks. Everyone wearing open toed shoes and black socks is rocking something like this.



You have style. That model does not. I would rather use your feet to model this than hers.

I don’t get to make that decision though.

Keep stylin!

More like a demented version of mouse trap. If you dig watching cats eat the heads off rats then enjoy…

But in this scenario it is a mix. The rat is free range, the cat is organic.

And if the cat owner is saying that the cat is free range, then that owner is a liar.

Like most egg labels.

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Hey Mods…

I am seeing an issue with the site. When you go to this link…

It shows that the socks are running for another 6 hours or until sold out.

The event is for another 6 days.

Can you have your CS adjust it to 6 days on the sports / outdoors section?

@ThunderThighs, you are being summoned. Or @lioncow. Whatever works.

Thank you Peace.

It is all fun and games until I see an error, then my OCD comes out to play. :slight_smile:

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