PWA & MISFIT CRIBS (credit: m.wiseman)


This thread is intended for visual descriptions (photochops) of the environs of our favorite PWAs & MISFITs.

environs (n) : the area in which something/someone exists or lives.


Fen’s Crib - Fen wasn’t home, but his roommate let us in.


I exist in a dark space. When I stretch out my tenticles, I reach unlimited distances to find nothingness. The only light comes from my computer screen that happened to appear on a day I will call February 11, 2006. Time was meaningless here until that wonderous event, because with the screen came a computer, keyboard and even a mouse. These are all just words I have decided to use to describe these objects. So floating alone in emptiness, I have one portal to another universe where a vibrant, never sleeping community builds threads of conversation regarding bodily functions, prices of other items outside my comprehension, and many other topics. It is exhilerating and addicting. Sometimes, I miss the quietude of endless dark, but then I turn back to the screen and live through this 19" diagonal quadrilateral of light and life.


Do you think he meant tentacles or testicles?


tenticles. I don’t reach out to the unknown with my testicles. I prefer they visit places I have explored closely with my … well this in not the right thread for that!


Not exactly representative…but here are former chops of D’Name’s Dining Room.

D’Name is still up for grabs.

Fewer words people…more chops!!!


heh heh. Is this the much vaunted chop?


This should prove interesting!


qwerty cribs


Oh, earthling. That is what visual descriptions (photochops) means…
My understanding grows.
Here is my environ.


Nice testicles.


Don’t go to New York; Lynn would have a field day!!

(with a snip snip here and a snip snip there . . .)


She should use a hedge trimmer on those!


Or a chainsaw, perhaps ?


They look a little delicate. I guess whatever instrument Lynn is more comfortable with.


Pinking shears . . .


Uh…why reserve a spot?


Snip snip


Fen’s Crib above.


uhm . . . creepy . . .