Pyrex 32-Pc Glass Simply Store Set

This Pyrex is sadly American made. Why sadly, well it is because it is not what it used to be.
It is explained more on

but basically it is now tempered soda-lime glass. Still ok, but not the Pyrex some came to know and love sadly. That is if the site is correct.

I have heard similar things. That being said, I have some Pyrex purchased recently and it’s still thick, heavy, and functional. The one thing, for me, that sets Pyrex apart from other brands that sell glass containers with plastic lids is that the lids are just better quality. They fit well and don’t get warped when they get warm (yeah, my lids sometimes go in the microwave, offset so they’re not completely covering the top of the container, and then they end up in the dishwasher…), and that’s not something I can say for the others. I have some newer replacement lids and they aren’t quite the same, but they still fit really well and hold up to abuse.

With the price at $50 + $5 shipping, it is not a great discount. The same set is available at Home Depot for $65 not on sale. While it is not available as a kit on amazon, you can assemble if from separate kits for about the same price.

Hmmm…I wonder why the Monkey’s don’t call this a 16-Pc glass set with lids…I’ll tell you why, they’re some smart Monkeys…that’s why. :slight_smile:

yeah, the new still do pretty well, but I just wanted to warn people. It can’t deal with hot hot to icy cold like the old stuff as well. Personally, I am still in love with my sterilite set I bought from woot. They may be plastic, but they can take the microwave like a champ. Plus, it is not glass so at the end of a long day I can throw my bag down after forgetting about the container for a minute with no panic. This pyrex can probably be cooked in though, which is really handy.

The correct question is why manufacturers insist on counting the lids as a piece.

In other words, it ain’t us.

When one company started doing so, everyone else followed. Otherwise a 16-bowl set like this would look smaller than a competitor’s 24-piece set.

At least they don’t count the box.


“Bonus cat trap included!”

Arrived tonight. One of the large containers was shattered. Sad Wooter.