Queen Mattress Pads & Toppers

Happy Memorial Day Wooters! We are here today to answer your questions. And just so you know, we have this topper in 2" & 3" king & queen size available on Woot through May 31st.

How thick are the Magic Loft toppers?

That’s a mattress pad/cover so no thickness is stated.

Which mattress cover would you recommend if I don’t like crinkling sounds and sweating while sleeping?

I have a memory foam mattress that i love for its back support, but it does get a bit warm sometimes. What would be the best topper to keep me sleeping cooler? Are the 4" gel/memory foam toppers recommended for use with memory foam mattresses? (don’t recall the brand of my mattress, but it is 8 or 10 inches thick.

Gel foam is designed to be cooler than traditional memory foam.

I’m looking at the Thomasville Purify Mattress Protector w/ Cool Tek-Queen. If it doesn’t actually get cooler but hotter can I return it?

The reason I ask is that I bought one (not this brand) and it made my bed hotter- a lot hotter- than cooler as it was advertised. (So hot that my boyfriend thought I put a heating mattress pad on the bed and had it cranked to high heat.)

Thanks :slight_smile:

Our return policy is linked in my signature. Basically, no returns for personal reasons.

And would that be ‘personal’ or defective if it didn’t ‘cool’ as advertised? :slight_smile:

Are these all the same brand?