Quik Shade Expedition EX100 Instant Canopy

Quik Shade Expedition EX100 Instant Canopy
Price: $59.99
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Reviews over at Target

Horrible tents. I’ve used a dozen different brands of pop-up tents over the past 20 years for my outdoor-event business. Picked up a couple of these last year because they were on sale at the local Ace Hardware. I always secure my tents very well with ground stakes and ropes, but even so these two tents simply buckled up and collapsed with the first steady wind.

I’m so glad I read your post before I bought one - Thanks!

Been looking for a good deal on a tent like this. The reviews at Target are decent but I’m going to take your word for it on this one. Thanks.

Well except they aren’t tents at all–they’re simply canopies. The fact that you don’t know the difference makes me even question the validity of your review due to the possibility of you being a Darwin Award runner-up.

Prossibly a better brand and $10 cheaper.


The Dick’s canopy is a quality item, but although the slant legs spread out to 10x10, the canopy top only measures 8x8.

I’m going to market a “Qik Shade” and save the consumer another 25% of unnecessary letters.

So he’s automatically an idiot because of a slight difference in terminology? I’m going to go with his review, personally, and I’m glad I read it before I pulled the trigger.

Pretty sure canopy is short for canopy tent.

Which canopy do you recommend? I have seen many types/brands break due to (varying) winds. When the wind picks up more/less expensive models have broken. Some guide wired down, staked down or weighted down. Slant legged or straight. They seem to all need attention in wind be it taken down or the legs dropped on the side facing the wind. I’m sure that does’t work well for a selling stand but for sporting events we do it all the time. These companies could be more helpful/responsible with having replacement parts easier to access. These types of stands with 2 people are slick to set up and enjoy then pack up for the next time. They do age and don’t last forever. Seems like a solid deal to me for anyone in the market for one. Especially with the straight legs for full 100x100 coverage.

In the world of outside vending, these devices are usually referred to as “tents” more often than “canopies”. Mainly because most come with enclosure walls, for the purpose of security, and therefore are more “tents” than mere “canopies”. Next time you’re at an outdoor fair with dozens of these structures, walk around and ask the various vendors where they got their “tents”. I guarantee 100% of them will know what you’re asking about.

I now use Ozark Trail. They have the sturdiest legs and tightest folding frame structure. The other trick is that tents with tall tops get more wind-push than ones with low profiles (like the OTs). Low-profile tops actually get pushed DOWN in heavy winds, which make them more stable. The “EZ-UP” brand of tents have very sturdy frames, but really tall tops that are more susceptible to being pushed around in the wind. (And, in one case I saw, to collect water from heavy rains, which collapsed the tent.)

But remember, no tent is immune from wind damage if it’s not properly pegged and roped down. The pegs and ropes that come included with all of these tents are wimpy and won’t do the job. I use 1/4" nylon rope and heavy plastic tent pegs, two per corner, plus long steel pegs through the feet. “Weighting” the tent legs is okay in light wind, but in heavy winds the tent will just get pushed around, regardless of the weight. Roping eliminates flexing, which is the real culprit in wind damage. Weighting and insufficient roping don’t take care of flexing.

All I know is that I have been in near-hurricane wind storms with my tents properly roped down, and although the buffeting gets a bit scary at times, I’ve sometimes been one of the 20% of tents that DIDN’T get destroyed during the storm.

Overall, if you just need a pop-up for casual use, and you’re not anticipating winds or have the time to secure the tent, then knock yourself out. If you want something to stand up for a weekend in tricky weather, this tent will disappoint you.

Great info and responses. By tight folding structure do you mean for storage and/or strength?.. Thats how I feel when there is wind involved and you can’t have canopy come down, you need to secure it with much more than what comes with these canopies. Also many people do use these as casual sun blocking gathering area for sports tournaments and get togethers. This year alone we had several canopies at events break (only takes one random gust sometimes). Of those several, 5 I tried to help with or were close to me. 2 were Ozark Trail one a 10ft straight leg with guide wires/stakes the other a 12x12 slant leg. 1 was a Quest 10ft and the other a 10ft Coleman. There was a Quik Shade but it was farther away. Definetly been some Easy Up models break. I try to notice peoples luck. I would love to recomend a model over the other to friends for function, durability and price. Your mentioning of canopy heighth is good to know and makes sense (will have to look at next tournament). My canopy is a 12x12 slant leg Quest I’ve had for 5 years. I use it 5-10 times a year. It’s been through some wind and I am lazy so I only stake it and maybe put a leg through a cooler handle for weight. It has got dicey at times but has survived. So not to brag but more so point out in my experiences most could be made better and seems with many variables kinda random/lucky which ones break. So I try to buy during some good deals like this one since it probably has roughly the same chance of breaking. I just bought the Quest Summit I’ve had my eye on with the venting and side awnings/wall. Probably more to just go wrong but deal was good for 125$ reg200 (never seen it cheaper). Looking at this Woot deal for friends.

I just want a canopy to keep the rain off my tent/picnic table when I go camping. Would this do?

“That ‘C’ was just slowing us down.”

That’s what Hillary said.