Raywood Vineyards Chardonnay Case (12)

Raywood Vineyards Chardonnay Case
Sold by: Castoro Cellars
$94.99 $156.00 39% off List Price
2014 Raywood Vineyards Chardonnay, Central Coast

$8 a bottle? This is either a screaming deal, or an excess of cooking wine.

Would be curious to know if this has that buttery, malolactic approach, or the clean, steel tank fermentation feel. “Warm and mild oak” doesn’t sound familiar (not that I drink enough wine to know the difference).

See: https://www.castorocellars.com/product/Chardonnay-Estate

"This wine is rich in every sense.

A SIP (Sustainability in Practice) certified blend of cooler Templeton Gap fruit with our warmer Eastside fruit creates a lovely collage of tropical flavors: grilled pineapple, passion fruit, and ripe pear. A portion of the blend was barrel fermented in French oak to create a silky body with weight. A por-tion of Pinot grigio was blended in for balance and a refreshing finish. This wine will complement any seafood dish and really stand out with rich cream sauces on pasta or chicken. Serve only slightly chilled to allow the aromas to fully open up."

$15 on winery website.

Sounds decent for the price point and a Tuesday night pour.

You gotta love a winery whose toll free number is 1-888-DAM-FINE.

Ordered this on June 4. Today is June 17, and still no shipping update. Is this really coming…???

Hmmm. Sorry for the delay! I’d suggest emailing support@woot.com with your order info; CS can check into what’s up for you.

dont think they ever ship it out, have not got mine yet and am going to cancel payment on credit card, already mailed woot and they took off five bucks from order, but still says preparing for shipment, if i dont get monday, payment is cancelled and will never order from wine woot again

I did… and the only reply I received was a ‘form letter’ response that simply duplicated the standard statement that this will ship in 5-7 business days. It has now been more than 10 business days, and there is no notification - NONE. And, unlike most of my prior requests for updates from WOOT, the completely useless response this time makes me wonder if this outfit still has the same fun-loving but highly efficient team running it…

UPDATE 6/19 - I got a follow-up note from CS saying ‘a label has been created on Thursday, and should ship next week’. We’ll see…

P.S. Look at the sales stats - pretty obvious with simple math that only a total of 31 orders were received, so I guess it’s not surprising that no one is in a rush about this. That’s a shame, since WOOT’s reputation for fast shipping is now in jeopardy, at least in my mind.

Hi there. I’m sorry for the delay. I just sent an email to WineDavid to see what’s up with the shipping on this one.

If it’s still preparing for shipment, there is obviously no possible way that you will receive it Monday. Shipments may be staggered depending on which part of the country you live in. On June 7, I ordered some Rockus wine that is still “preparing for shipment” despite someone in Idaho posting that they received theirs yesterday. I am in OH and know that it is being timed so that it goes out on a Monday in hopes that FedEx will get it to me by Friday, therefore not spending the weekend in a hot delivery truck.

Chances are that something similar happened with your order. Maybe the wine came into the warehouse on Tuesday or Wednesday so shipment is being pushed to the following Monday. I would bet money that you will have your wine by Friday the 24th if you’re patient enough to wait for it. If not, why? Were you planning to drink it all this weekend? You already decided it was worth purchasing at the offered price and now have $5 off that price. I know it can be frustrating if you’re new to wine.woot and expecting to receive the wine more quickly but 2-3 weeks from when you ordered is pretty much standard. We’re just now at the beginning of that window. I’ve waited as long as 4 weeks a couple times. But that’s a couple times on literally hundreds of purchases.

Finally just got mine today. I usually have to wait 3-4 weeks for most of my WW shipments. Regular woot items can come in just a day or two. If you don’t mind waiting, most of my WW purchases have been worth the wait. (Most…not all!!)

There’s quite a bit more logistics involved in wine shipping. When WCC helps the winery with shipping, they transfer the wine once the sale is completed so they know how much to move. Then it’s boxed for shipment and strategically scheduled so the wine stays moving while being transported.

Just received mine today. 7 bottles, just a bit short of the expected 12. Will contact seller, but this is the first time I’ve received wine in this condition. The short count was from the bottom, and the other pieces of the package had collapsed downward, surprising that ANY of the bottles survived.