Razer Gaming Accessories

A new Razer Abyssus is $33.98 at Newegg, before a possible 10% off from using Mastercard.


We’re drunk on happiness about our 10th birthday so the buyer nudged our price down to make it more enticing. Don’t forget you have free shipping today too!

Come on, momma needs a new bottle of Jack Daniels.

I did get a deathadder infrared mouse from a BoC a long time ago, and it is still a superb mouse. Cord is weaved and strong and easy to clean.

Not that I technically bought it, but probably worth the price.

I’ve been told Razer products are overpriced and overrated, but I haven’t used one myself. Decided I’ll give them a shot, so I just picked up the 2014 Blackwidow.

no left handed versions?

just have to settle for the ambi products?

I’ve had a Razer Diamondback 3G for a long time. Maybe 7 years? Is that possible?

It’s still going strong even after years and years of use and abuse.

Some over these ambidextrous ones are pretty good looking. Might be time for an upgrade.

The Death Adders are the last generation. The new generation has the 4G sensor and green LEDs instead of the 3.5G sensor and blue LEDs.

What’s the difference (besides color)? I have no idea.

You must have missed the left handed Death Adder. Great mouse, I have one (the righty version though, lefty version is probably crap and covered in broken glass).

I’ve owned a blackwidow ultimate for around a year now and love it. Paid full price too. They are a bit loud, being mechanical and all… so if you sit directly next to someone they may want to strangle you after a few days. Other than the noise though it feels amazing to type on an actual mechanical keyboard and I’m not planning on going back anytime soon.

I have (two of) the Death Adder left-hand edition – FANTASTIC! Very comfortable, although the blue Razer logo is very bright at night (yeah, I COULD turn it down… but that would involve actually getting around to it, and I haven’t – and probably won’t!)

NOT covered with broken glass – covered with my left hand!

What exactly is involved in the factory reconditioning of a mouse pad?

Dang! I just bought the death adder for 60 bucks from best buy two weeks ago; but it’s an amazing product nonetheless!

Anyone use it with a Mac?

The Death Adder is one of the best gaming mice for the money! I have used one for years.

I have a Lycosa KB and a Death Adder mouse. Both are fine but sometimes the keyboard stops responding and I have to unplug/plug it back in to work. This isn’t very helpful when fighting meanies and you get stuck running in circles.

I bought both from Woot! The keyboard was refurbished (which might explain my circle issue) but the mouse was new. I’ve had both for about two years now.

Last thing. The USB port on the KB is very slow. I’m not sure this is even USB 2.0. The audio plugs add static to my mic. I can’t recommend the Lycosa if you are expecting to use those two features. Again though, this might be because mine was a refurb.

V’owls-Hoot!/Woot! A coincidence? I think not. We are loved!

Buyer beware for the Razer Ultimate 2014 Elite edition keyboard: The switches are Cherry MX Greens. These are some of the highest resistance switches - almost twice the actuation force of Browns/Reds. For some people this is ok, but I myself enjoy the quick taps of reds/browns for gaming. The greens have a nice tactile feel, but the actuation force can be overkill.

I had a Taipan that I got on the cheap, it was a refurb. It lasted me about 3 months. It wasn’t worth it to send back so I just replaced it.

The model Razer RZ03-00381900 is not the 2014 version with their own type of switches, can anyone confirm that this keyboard is actually the RZ03-00384600-R3U1 model

they use their own switches on the 2014 not Cherry MX