Rechargeable Battery Case w/ Solar Panel

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Rechargeable Battery Case w/ Solar Panel
$39.99 + $5 Standard OR $11 One-Day OR $8 Two-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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Got in on the solar hat with USB port, else I’d buy.

No picture on this one. Anyone else want to take a stab?

That is not gonna work with my flip phone. :frowning:

Edit: No, nevermind, I see now…there’s a thinger for my thinger on the side there. Nice. :slight_smile:

Hmmmm. The battery is dead on the product image! Bad omen?

never seen anything like it.

Does it come with the cute dog featured in the picture?

Since when is only 50% off MSRP deemed ‘woot-off’ worthy?

Interesting but I have no use for an I-accessory.

Where are our beloved lengthy and bizarre narratives about the products? Short paragraphs instead?

Hope the writers haven’t been demoted to the warehouse.

Take a page from GGG, Woot community.

So is this for iPhone only? Or will it work with any smart phone?

Really? Anyways, this is a great woot-off item. Right wooters?..hello?..okay…

I bet I would have to take off my case to get this to fit… hate that…

It’s a woot-off, they figure we’re all too burned out to read by now.


Looks like it will work with a few things…anything with a mini usb as well. Check out the pics.
Of course it won’t look all cool attached to your phone, but you can pop the panel on the dash of your car and charge it up, I suppose.

this will likely take days to even half charge your phone, just FYI.

Ditto. Is it even safe to leave your iPhone in the sun to begin with?