Reckoning Crew: Friends Links & The Day of Reckoning


So that’s what that is!

I’m surprised that the Launch shirt didn’t do as well …

I find it interesting that my actual purchases are evenly spread over the contenders.

I still maintain my undying love for Sci-Fi Weenie Roast!

(My wife just shook her head when she saw that one.)

The Launch shirt is in a category of its own.

Just for clarification

– # Only the 10 best-selling ongoing shirts will survive. The shirts that don’t make the cut will no longer be available.

Are the shirts determined by the best selling overall…or just the best selling for the previous week. If it is best selling overall then an ongoing champion could be close to impossible to dethrone.

From the point right above:

Now, my one issue is that, say, a shirt sells like mad the first week, posting some truly outrageous numbers. Excluding first day, of course. It then sells nothing afterwards. First week sales can keep the average artificially high, enough to keep the shirt going for a month or so when others that are selling steadily better are culled. OK, not the most likely of scenarios, but still. This "problem"could be rectified by only counting the last x days of sales - say, last two weeks, last 15 days, last 20 days, whatever seems appropriate.

I am also interested in how this effects Derby winners. Aren’t they kept up over the weekend, and thus on the front page longer? Are the Saturday and Sunday sales counted, or discarded in the tally with the debut day sales?

Seems to me that you shouldn’t have a day of reckoning until the 3XL’s are available (hopefully soon).

for purposes of survival, all shirt sales after it’s debut day count - to do otherwise would introduce odd dynamics of when it was most supportive to buy.

derby winners may indeed have an advatange in exposure with the current weekend advertisement, even if the sale “showing” is sold out. I don’t have clarity on what happens if the friday sale doesn’t sell out, though that’s yet to happen.

yeah, it’s disappointing but necessary for our production capacity.

I actually managed to figure out how to order shirts after their one day of fame all by myself last week! And for me, that’s quite a feat. I’ve got two of them that way. Unfortunately I have yet to actually log on and see the “shirt of the day” not already sold out. Guess I’m not waking up early enough, or I’m going to bed too soon. Anyhoo, great job so far shirt.woot! Keep it up!

I like that one the best, but I don’t know that I have the money to buy it… :frowning:

I’ve killed two of them in about 75 days. They don’t hold up worth a damn.

So this Day of Reckoning needs to have a grid of all the shirts purchasable.

I see a list of them in the forum, but a flickr style photogrid would be really useful for those of us that - GASP - might not check shirt.woot daily.

This was a suggestion thread right? I’ve turned many a soul onto woot and many more that just enjoy hearing about wootoffs and bags of crap.

So long, and thanks for the woots.

you don’t possibly mean a “store” do you? yuck. :slight_smile:

click the community tab for the thumbnail gallery in another tab.

So now we must ask what happens to the underperforming non-hackers…

Will you print the popular designs over top of the derelicts and sell them as r**efurbs?
Open a tertiary level deal of the day site for cast offs?
or just offer the inevitable…

“Bag of Shirt”?


I’m envisioning the first Shirt.Woot off (hmmm… a Shirt-Off? ), filled with odd amounts of the leftovers from the first 6 months of operation. They’ll use the “Bag of Shirts” to rid themselves of the inevitable misprints and other odds and ends that don’t make it past Quality Control.

How have sales for it been doing since the initial launch? Just curious …

So it looks like there’s a sales rank indicator at the bottom of each shirt’s page. Interestingly, since this was posted, the top 10 remains the same but there’s been some shifting.

[] 01 Nobody’s Perfect (+1)
] 02 Sea Chimp (-1)
[] 03 Sore Thumbs (0)
] 04 Unhappy Meeting (0)
[] 05 Threat Level: Doctorow (0)
] 06 Rat Rod (+1)
[] 07 The Rustic (+1)
] 08 Snowmen in Heat (-2)
[] 09 Too Hungry (0)
] 10 Cube One (0)

This is almost as fun as watching the derby. I politely request real-time trend charts so we can observe what shirts are at the precipice of oblivion.