Robo Hobo

Somehuman spare some change for the Hobo!

12 dollars, what is this I don’t even :frowning:

I guess I should make a comment about Bender from an animated show by the same guy who did the Simpsons?.. many similar points…

P.S. anybody know the correct spelling of Matt’s name?

Great design! Robots wearing clothes are always awesome.

And it reminds me of a line in Futurama.

Hobo1: Let’s give a friendly welcome to this new robo.
Bender: What did you call me?!
Hobo2: A robo. You know… a robot hobo.
Bender: Oh, OK, I thought you said romo.

I like how the top part of the panels hint at overalls. But I’m left wondering, what would the robot have in that travel bag?

I don’t speak binary; can anyone translate the write-up?

Bender who is that? I got this because it would go great with an Electro Gypsy tribute…

For reference: Electro Gypsy : Savlonic : animated music video : MrWeebl - YouTube

“a picture of a cat”

“a rudimentary tophat”

“a cross with a circle and three dots”

“a circle”

“a circle with an x in it”

“an arch with a dot in it”

For those of you wondering about the price increase, hit the link and join the debate.

Looks like a Lego Robo Hobo

So the robots basically leave shadow marks like the thieves in Elder Scrolls.

The extra $2 goes to the Home for Robot Hobo’s, or into WOOT’s pockets.

Somebody give this Robo Hobo a job! Quick, I have an idea! Make him post a link to why Shirt.Woot! prices have gone up every night before people even ask!

I’d figure any modern hobo-bot would be looking for a 0110001101101001011100100110001101101100 0110010100100000011101110110100101110100 0110100000100000011000010010000001110111 001000000110100101101110001000000110100101110100, for when they’re wardriving.

It rides the robo trains from town to town. Drinking its moonshine brand oil sludge just for the slight feel of lubrication. It’s a hard life for the robo hobo.

On topic, it’s satisfying to know that after robots take over the world, they will also be plagued by hobos.

I only hope this robot is in a rough spot before he learns to cook and defeats Elzar to become the next Iron Chef.

circle with a w in it