Ronco 4000 Showtime Standard Size Rotisserie

Just “Set it and forget it.”

That was by far the best slogan of the infomercial era.

These things are horrible. They do a really bad job. Save your money. Go around your neighborhood on trash night and you’ll probably find one for free.

does this come with that awesome glove and flavor/garlic clove injector from the infomercial???

Why? $5 at Kroger or any grocery store already cooked!

Looks like quite a discount - here’s Amazon, with positive reviews.

Wow, haven’t seen that in a while.

I owned one a couple years back. It produces some very tasty food, and is rather fun to use, but I eventually got rid of it.

Be warned: This takes up a lot more space than a toaster oven, contrary to the claim in the TV ad. You’ll need a lot of space to use it, because opening the door fully takes up a lot of space, and then you need a good amount of additional space for the act of inserting and removing food, which can be a moderately complex task.

The biggest reason you’ll avoid using this machine is the cleanup. Food and grease burns onto its many intricate parts (with their intricate surfaces) to the point that they are tattooed on. You WILL spend a lot of time on cleanup, probably more time than you will on food preparation. PS My dishwasher wasn’t powerful enough to do it alone.

This is more a novelty item than anything you’ll realistically use long-term.

found a link and infomercial

heres testimonials

Fantastic, it’s a Ronco!!

For novelty/nostalgic value alone this is just great. I swear I remember seeing this in a commercial like 20 years ago.

Oh Ronco, you paved the way for Billy Mays and whatever the Slap Chop guy’s name is.

Ive had one of these rotisseries for about 6 years and it is well worth that price. Cooks whole chickens/turkeys perfectly! Moist and delicious meal for several people without hassle. Great deal. Woot Info Post what do you want, a medal?

Ronco 4000 Showtime Standard Size Rotisserie [Refurbished] - $49.99 + $5 shipping

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this made me chuckle almost audibly… why do I love cynicism ???


You know what, I just realized what is missing from the description.

“But wait, there’s more! If you order today, we will throw in absolutely free the box it comes in. A $5.99 value, yours free!”

Mr. Popeil never sold just the item.

I bought the Baby George Foreman rotisserie from woot! a few years ago. I love the way it cooks whole chickens but it is small. It would be great to be able to cook a nice little turkey this way.

If I didn’t already have one, I’d buy this rotisserie.

Walmart sells this (new, of course) for $109.88. Amazon’s price is even higher.

Since it’s a refurb, I’d recommend the SquareTrade warranty for $7.99. When you buy it, you’ll be able to upgrade to a two-year warranty for $4.00 more. And if you were to buy that warranty before 2/15/10, you could use coupon code CUPID to get $2.40 (20%) off, bringing the price of the 2-year warranty down to $9.59. Seems like a pretty good deal to me.

Now if it were only the stainless steel model, as I’ve banned all white things in my kitchen. They’ve either got to be stainless or black or wood. Yep, I’m rather picky about that kind of thing (and yes, I’m trying to work on that issue).

The bad: Where’s the five easy payments of only $9.99?

As much as I love the description, the subject of the parody says don’t buy this - build your own instead. (2:10 in.)


“favorite way to spin meat”

Haha. I get it.
I get jokes.

Great for Cornish Game Hens, bit messy though.

My folks have one of these. At first I gave them a hard time for buying some infomercial appliance, but it really does do a nice job on a lot of different things. Last time I was over for a visit, they used it to cook lamb and it turned out fantastic.

They use theirs all the time and have had it for quite a while, so it was a good buy for them. I do see what people say about clean up. If I remember correctly, my mom usually sprays a little non-stick coating on things (the cooker, not the food) before cooking to help make clean up a bit easier.