Saltpacolypse Salt Shooting Bug Gun

Looks very similar to the Bug-A-Salt 2.0 that amazon has for 10-15$ more than this one. Looks tempting.

Is this the 1.0 version or the 2.0 version?

If it’s anything like the bug-a-salt, it’s pretty effective. I have the bug-a-salt and so far it has worked pretty well. Works great for mosquitoes and flies since you don’t have to get too close that they get scared off. It’s powerful - had a friend shoot my hand from about 7 feet away and it stings pretty good.
The salt dissipates so you don’t have to clean anything up afterwards.

Looks like a flat out ripoff of the Bug-A-Salt. And the only Google matches are this Woot sale.

Wouldn’t buy this. It’s a knockoff of the Bugassault. Unless of course you are for firms stealing ideas and cutting out the original inventor. Woot should not carry such items. Shame on you Woot.

This is not the Official Bug-a-Salt gun… but a mere knock off. My son and I have thousands of shots in our 2.x Bug-a-Salt. Don’t know about the product being advertised here…


After a summer of experimentation (with a Bug-a-Salt), note that when they say “table salt,” they mean the standard cheap stuff. Kosher salt and especially pretzel salt don’t fly well; their effectiveness is under 2 feet. Fancy sea salt is so powdery that it will cob up the works.

From the horse’s mouth:

We are aware of this product and have had it removed from Amazon several times before (and we are still working on Ebay that got rid of China sellers but leaves them in other countries – sigh).

Any review stating it’s a fake you can write on the website would be greatly appreciated!


Erika Schimik
President, Skell Inc.

I still don’t understand why they didn’t name this the “A-salt rifle”.

It’s a FAKE of the Bug-A-Salt, and apparently they did not go as far as stealing the product’s name.

I can see a fake slipping into the immense Amazon product stream, but on WOOT? Really, are you carrying too many items to keep track of?

Wonder if it would work on the in-laws too?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Really? On Woot? Keep it in your pants, pal. There are other forums for your ‘views’.

Everyone play nice.

This is, after all, an internet forum discussing a salt shooting bug killer. Let’s try not to get too political.

I bought the 2.0 camo version of the original one from after using one of the original yellow 1.0 models at work. The 2.0 is quite a bit more powerful than the older one. They work great, I’m tempted to get one of these just to compare but bugasalt has a new “Lawn & Garden” version that i want! The lawn and garden has a bigger payload for maximum damage!

after shipping it’s only about $2 more to get it on

Politics aside, I have a real question: what is this really for? Are you telling me I put table salt in here and I’m supposed to shoot individual mosquitos somehow? I’m confused…

Yeah, I’m not quite understanding how this is a good product. How well does this work and how safe is it?

Exactly the point… waaaaahhhhh
Freedom on speech is not just one sided and neither are gun (oops) I mean bug killing devices :smirk: