Sandisk Sansa Fuze 4GB Media Player

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Sandisk Sansa Fuze 4GB Media Player
$22.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

Product List:

  • 1 Sandisk Sansa Fuze 4GB Black Media Player w/FM tuner, 1.9" LCD & micro SDHC slot

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Rock Box compatible?

dangit, just bought one off of mwave for 33, albeit it was new…

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This is a great little player.

4.7 stars average on Buzzillions. Thatsa nice.

These are great, and this is a nicer price than usual.

What is the capacity of the micro SD Slot?

Still have mine from 5+ months ago, still <3 it. I threw an 8GB card in for all my music, but have occasionally swapped it out for a smaller MicroSD card with audiobooks. It does take about 30 seconds to rescan when you pop a new card in.

16GB works. I was told that 32GB should work, but there were no 32GB microSD cards at that time.

We have 2, we really like them, the headphones that come with them are basic, so invest a few bucks for better ones

I got this from the last Woot, and I LOVE it… Small, light, full-color screen, decent amount of disk space. Ive listened to it through earbuds and through the auxiliary jack in my car, and it sounds great. It arrived three days ago, and I fully charged it that day, and Ive been using it in the car and while at work, and the battery meter still doesnt show any use. And yes, there is an adjustable equilizer

Sansa? What’s that? Never heard of 'em…

I have bought from Woot two Sansa Views (2GB and 4GB), a Sansa Clip (4GB), and two Sansa Fuzes (4GB and 8GB). I haven’t had a problem with any of them, except for the View that my girlfriend decided would be better if slammed in a car door.

I’ve installed Rockbox on them all: v1/v2 whatever, Rockbox works and it’s been incredibly stable.

Linux support is no big deal, since this shows up as a standard mass storage device.

My only recommendation is to dump the earbuds that come with it, as they aren’t anything special, and get a set of noise-isolating buds. I personally like the Koss Sparkplugs, which have a terrible build quality (I go through a pair every 2-3 months), but a reasonable price ($12-15) and excellent noise isolation and fit. Unlike other earphones that use rubber, they use foam and that creates a much better seal. With those and the Fuze, I can watch movies on a train or plane without having to blast the volume.

As for encoding videos for this thing (with Rockbox installed), it’s a piece of cake on a Linux machine. As long as you have MPlayer (mencoder) installed, then the third post of this thread has the command you need:

As someone who has used a ton of mp3 players, I find these to be the best. I really, really like the physical scroll wheel (as opposed to the touch version on the iPods).

Great Woot!

Suggestion: Buy It… RockBox It… Enjoy!

cool product

I got one last time and I love it.

Yes it is. I bought one from Woot last year, installed RockBox immediately and have loved it ever since.

It’s a simple install, you simply copy some files over. It doesn’t even overwrite the existing system, so if you want to go back, you can delete the files or hold down left while turning it on to get the standard interface.