Saxon Brown 2004 Syrah Two-Pack



Nice guess on the:

Saxon Brown 2004 Syrah Two-Pack
$49.99 + $7.00 shipping
condition: Red
2 Saxon Brown 2004 Syrah, Parmelee-Hill “Camp Block” Sonoma Valley

Not sure if this is the right wine (the designation’s throwing me off), but CellarTracker has a SB Sonoma Syrah with a 90 pt average and a $31+ pricetag.

Pricing as per winezap is $28/bottle (+ a minimum of $12 s/h) for this wine.


Here’s the link to the winery.

Y’all have fun this week.


nallie - two weeks of fame for you!


Jumped on this. Love this wine.

Found this wine @

Not a savings, but ok supporting in the process.


I’m disappointed, thats 2 expensive offerings in a row. I’ve got a baby on the way, I can’t afford this high class wine. Gimme the 4 bottles for 50 bucks deal please.


Whats going on with woot?? This place use to be good deals every where!! … lately it seems their prices are going UP and UP… you can get this stuff on winezap for $24/bottle.



Our names are in lights together again…

First sucker: nallie
Speed to first woot: 0m 7.687s

Last wooter to woot: smlauren

EDIT: Poor Mill, he has to be bumming out


The last Saxon brown offering was awesome! Well worth the price…in for three.


Go Nallie, go nallie, go go go nallie!

Ok, that’s outta my system now…


WineZap shows “no matches” for Saxon Brown Syrah.

…even if they did, you won’t get it shipped for under $10.

FWIW, last week was a great deal, probably one of the best ones wine.woot has offered. It was just expensive.


What’s the price including shipping? That’s what usually kills these comparisons.


That last Saxon Brown offering was really great. But, even with that, I can’t tell the wife that I’m spending $100+ on four bottles of wine. Dangit.


I’ll observe, maybe jump later this week. I bought the Hahn right before the honeymoon, skipped last week, but am feeling very broke post-wedding and honeymoon! Plus we as a couple decided that we need to save more $ than we have been in the last year, and cutting back on wooting will help with that.


try costco or your local wine store.


l****ol! Seriously, I was just spurred to promptness because at 9:59 my son emailed me a paper that he needed to reformat and print up on my printer. I saw Saxon; I bit quick; I let him use the laptop. But there is a heady rush to being first. I promise to back off next week, Mill. No hard feelings?

As to the Saxon, yay and hooray! I love the way wine.woot mixes it up. A few super affordable deals to give my checkbook a break, a few pricier deals that still offer great value. I realize you can’t please all the people all the time, but WineDavid sure appears to be using his noggin and tryin’.

EDIT - Hey, Aces! Welcome back. Hope married life is bliss for you, sweetie!!


No matches??? I don’t know what search you did, but I got FIVE different retailers with it (… and I realize that shipping from MOST ALL those retailers is at least 12 bucks or so but they ship it without the “we’ll get it to ya when we get it to you” attitude… Its just that Ive seen WAY better deals blow through woot (sometimes as much as 1/2 off!!) and lately it seems most all the woots are like near other web retailers… That’s the only point I was trying to make… I mean for ONE deal a day I’d expect prices that force sell outs on all the wines listed! :smiley: I want a case of Screaming Eagle for 100 bucks!! :wink:

… Oh, by the way, im excited to get my Hahn Estates Red Quartet… NOW that was a decent deal! :slight_smile:


Thanks, hopefully Jeff (who btw, has developed quite the reputation) can jump in this week what with harvest in full swing.



When i first logged in i saw the words “Syrah” and i saw the words “SAX” . I instantly thought HOLY CRAP WOOT HAS SAXUM SYRAH’S FOR $49?! IN FOR 80. Then i realized it was saxon. I should learn to read.

Saxon Brown’s website isn’t loading at the moment, but how do your Syrah’s compare to Saxum’s. Just kidding. =P


I’m always a little suprised by the lack of comments about the write up each week. i know most everyone reads it, but few comment. IMHO, the body of work being amassed is some of the best wine writing available in the country regardless of medium. Taken for granted perhaps?



i was going to say way too long
j/k. Just sounds like sales talk. Well written sales talk