Scott Harvey 2007 InZINerator - 4 Pack

Scott Harvey 2007 InZINerator - 4 Pack
$49.99 + $7.00 shipping
PRODUCT: 4 2007 InZINerator
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Winery website


7/27/09 (2006)
8/25/08 (2004)

10 labrats for this!
In for one :}

This would, of course, be the InZINerator we (or those who were here then) “helped” with in this thread.

I’d love to buy and love to rat, but I’ve still got the willpower to hold fast to my WBM and will hopefully get to try this at a gathering or something.

I was afraid of this, the Inzinerator shows up before I get my paycheck. This was one of the only wines that I would have consider buying before getting my paycheck. Will still wait on the rats for this, because not having income currently for a few weeks is not good.

Scott, how would you compare/contrast this with the last 3 or 4 versions of InZinerator?

Darn just ordered some wines from them and joined the club…now this! I’m in and would love to rat. :happy:


The name was decided by the community??? I had something snarky to say, but that just blows me away. Nice job everybody! This could work for that upcoming Zelda party I just decided to throw.

In for a case!!! Been looking forward to this.

Even Joel loves Scott Harvey InZINerator,and you know how he is about wine. My niece loved this stuff and she is normally a white/pink wine drinker. Scott helped get a beer snob and a non red drinker into wine with this stuff. Of course I’m in.

Not the name, the blend for this vintage. With some input on the label (art). The name has been around a while.

Would love to rat this one.

There are a few hard-core wine lovers in my office and this would make for a perfect post-workday tasting session.

I was hoping to see this soon, I just joined the club as well, I am due 3 of these in September but I cannot resist this, If you have not tried SH wines this is a great one to start with… Goooood Stuff.

I had this at the OWWT #3 with Scott Harvey, and loved it! Thanks, Scott!

Saw that the Forte was in this blend and erroneously assumed too sweet. Then I actually went back and read everything. I’m fascinated. In for one and would love to rat.


Thinking this would be a good birthday present … for myself. In for one …

Hi folks,

Heard so much about this I really want to try it but,

Winery website says they ship to Connecticut -

Wine.woot list on this offer says no.

Can someone please advise?


Hmm, I’ll be getting outpatient surgery on Wednesday this week so I’ll definitely be around to labrat. I might have a few pain meds on board, so it could make for an interesting review. :slight_smile:

Sign me up, I love me some InZinerator!!!

In for one. :slight_smile:

Wow, expensive day for me. Bought the Kodak camera on woot, the breadmaker on sellout.woot, and now the Zin on wine.woot!

Would love to be rewarded for my spendage by being chosen to rat! My birthday is this week too - on the same day as my 6th anniversary of being a woot member! Woot!!!

discovered this weekend my debit card # was stolen and someone used it on $900 worth of stuff, wiping my account out - i could definitely use something like this right now to help cheer me up-in for 1 and would LOVE to be able to labrat this if possible to hopefully turn the week around.