Scott Harvey 2008 InZINerator - 3 Pack

Scott Harvey 2008 InZINerator - 3 Pack
$39.99 + $7.00 shipping
PRODUCT: 3 Scott Harvey 2008 InZINerator
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Previous offers:
8/9/10 (2007)
7/27/09 (2006)
8/25/08 (2004)

Friday only? Ye gods! more wine to buy…

2008? so this is new juice?

was just about to bite the bullet on the 1869 on lot18 too…

WOOT! I was hoping this would come up again someday… bought the 2007 on 9/22 last year and gave it all away for Christmas. Never did get to try it.

Won’t make that mistake again!

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Holy carp. In for two.

I’m running out of ways to hide my purchases. Maybe a wine.woot credit card should be offered…

In for one. Time to make some more room in the rack. Oh what to drink…

Last wooter to woot: webdev511

My first Lab Rat report! Thanks for the chance to critique!

7:00PM PST: First, haha, the bottle wouldn’t open! Took a lot more oomph than usual to get that cork to come out, and when it did, it was all at once (and I almost spilled!).
So, first impressions - the color was the usual garnet, with a hint of brick red, and a very pale touch of violet in the meniscus.
Big fruit right up front! The only thing that broke through was the alcohol (was there port in this vintage too?). It’s not biting or medicinal, but very present. First pour is fairly viscous, and the legs took a fair bit to show. First sip, it heats me up all the way to tummy like a brandy, but not bad, just not typical. It sort of smells like it was mulled a few hours prior, if that makes any sense. Main palate is stone fruit, brick dust, and a coffee note hidden down in the bottom, with a vegetal finish. Chewy tannins! Betting/hoping the coffee note steps up and goes cocoa.

7:30PM PST: Alcohol has mellowed out nicely, and is now just providing dryness. Palate is now jammy, but with mineral notes. I’m having a rather robustly-flavored dinner, but this wine completely wipes out the taste of my food (medium spicy italian sausage and rigatoni with a handmade red sauce with basil, oregano, salt, pepper, and red bell peppers). Not cooperating with the food, just washes it away.

8:30PM PST: It’s really calming down now. Still has that dusty flavor, now paired with a leather note. The fruitiness is gone, and it’s still dry. It never really seemed complicated/integrated, just bold and…noisy?

8:45PM PST: Coffee note came front and center in a big way!

10:30PM PST: Well, seems like it all fell apart…is just juice, alcohol, and tannins now.

And that’s all I got wooters. I’m not really tempted to finish this bottle, but I may if I can do it before a reasonable hour.

Disclaimers: Zins are not my thing, and I keep none in my collection. Last year’s scored roughly 87 on CT, and that number seems fitting this time around as well.

Hope I Lab Rat’d properly, and feel free to ask any questions, as I’ll continue drinking for an hour or two!

Only $18 at the winery.

And only $15.66 here (for 3 plus $7 shipping). And that includes the shipping. Unlike the $18 you quote.

Less if you get more than one set.

Slightly better deal last year, $49.99 for 4 bottles and $5 non-summer shipping. Shouldn’t we be past summer shipping by now?

Anyway, worked out to $13.75/bottle shipped last time vs. $15.66/bottle this time around.

9/22/2010 Offering

Yeah, but tax and shipping (at least to MI) takes the price up to roughly $78. The woot price represents a 40% discount. Quite a bargain, I’d say. Wish I had the whole weekend to consider it.

EDIT: Man, you guys ^ are quick!

So 15.5% zin with rs, eh? Dessert?

I didn’t care for the 2006 - just too sweet for my taste. Haven’t tried the 2007 in the cellar yet.

The 5% Forte has me scared. Is this a sweet wine?

PS - No cartoon characters? No signed bottles? C’mon Scott, let’s have a little fun!!

That was a woot-off. The original 2007 offer was on 8/9/2010.

Have you had good luck w/Lot18? I have only placed one order with them but it didn’t go very well. They charged my credit card about 1 week after placing my order but 2 weeks later and still not shipped according to my acct. info on the website. I wrote to their c/s and was told that it had definitely shipped but that tracking info wouldn’t show up until the last leg of the journey.

They provided me with a tracking number and as they said, there were no updates available. I never did receive a shipment confirmation email or tracking number other than the personal response to my inquiry and the Lot18 website never updated to show that it had been shipped.

Anyway, the tracking info never updated until after UPS tried to deliver it to me. I was able to have it held and picked it up the next day so all’s well that ends well but I am hesitant to order from Lot18 after that experience.

Yes, I realized that after looking at the discussion page and noticing that all the sales were within a 3-4 hour period.

Never ordered before, but evidently things have gotten better from what I have read on the “New Deals on Other Wine and Accessories” thread on the other WW forum.

I hate I missed on it in the past and would love to try it…and its a good price.

I’ve had a chance to try the 2008 InZIN, and I love it! It’s a littler richer than the 2007 but not sweet like the 2006. For those of you who have had the 2007 One Last Kiss Red and the 2007 InZINerator, this is the love child of the two.

The blend (to the best of my knowledge) is 78% Zinfandel, 16% Syrah, 5% Port variety and 1% Barbera (as reported).

For those of you picking up the Port like aroma on the nose, you’re not imagining things, it’s there. The Zinfandel and Syrah however give it a robust and hearty character, with mellow tannins and easy drinkability. The RS on this reads at 0.8% (like the 2007) and is not “sweet” like the 06.

Ok, so those are my thoughts on this, as an unofficial Lab Rat.

Thanks for the reply. FWIW, this was just like 6 weeks ago when they had Twisted Oak’s “The Spaniard” on sale.