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Seneca Adjustable Desktop Monitor Mounts
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Check out the product page for the single mount model and the dual mount model


One five-star review at Amazon for the dual monitor unit.

comments from previous sale

One of my geekier coworkers swears by one monitor vertically aligned to hold lots of code and one standard horizontal to act like a normal computer monitor. Not sure I’m sold on his concept but the two monitor unit here is capable of doing that.


A few of our buyers do that in the Dallas office. They’ve got two landscape monitor and a third in portrait view.


Do these require a certain type of desk material? I’d like to get my dual monitor setup on these, but not sure if my desk is compatible. It was hard to tell from the instructions link.


There was this info in the cautions:

The surface you plan to affix the Seneca AV mount to must be able to support more than 5 times the weight of the monitor and the mount combined.


I’m using the vivo dual monitor mount bought from amazon on my ikea galant desk, works like a charm, saved alot of space, my model has one more joint that makes it more flexible, and it’s cheaper even though they raised the price now


At work, I do two in portrait, and one in landscape. For all intents and purposes, my monitor arrangement looks as pictured here (this is not an actual photo of my desk at work, though that much space would be nice…):


Prior to that, I had a simple three monitor arrangement, but decided to give this a go last year in order to try something different. It’s still arranged that way, so something is working for me :slight_smile:

I bought one of these a couple of weeks ago, and will do my best to answer your question based on my experience.

The mount offers three methodologies by which it can be affixed to a desk:

  • Through an existing hole in the desk, for which a mounting screw and base-plate are provided.

  • Through a new hole in the desk (you’ll be required to drill this yourself).

  • By attaching a swivel-vise-like plate to the back of the stand, and affixing it to the back-edge of the desk. Afterwards, you’ll use two screws to close the vise grip, and pin it in place on the desk. This was my preferred option (allows for mobility - in case I wish to re-position the monitor stand, and keeps me from needing to drill holes).

In terms of material, something hard and sturdy enough for which it to be attached to. A typical wooden desk will likely work if it is of sufficient thickness (think along the lines of about 1" thick - 2.54cm for our metric friends).

Consider two things:

  1. The weight of the mount which is 11 lbs (5± kilos)

  2. The weight of each monitor - the max of which is supported is 22 lbs (10± kilos) each.

Even some of the larger monitors weigh in less than that, but we’ll use the maximum weight possible (that this product supports) for ease of measure: 55 lbs.

Take that 55 lbs, and multiply it by 5. For all intents and purposes, if you mounted that 55 lb object to the desk, it must now effectively support 275 lbs.

The reason for this is that the desk is going to need to support the weight of this mount which is affixed to it, and the added weight of the two monitors which it must now support, at an angle which is effectively causing it’s weight to stress the desk. An individual more well versed in physics than I can probably explain this better than I with regards to how gravity is applied when an object is suspended in such a manner, and any possible correlation with the object’s center of gravity. Either way, you must also trust that the desk is not going to snap or bow under the weight of the mount and it’s attached objects.

Recommendation: don’t attempt to attach this mount to a glass desk.


Do these come with the required screws to mount the monitors to the stand? In the picture it appears to only have the hardware to put the mount together.


Do we know how wide the dual mount can extend? I have 2 27" screens and am wondering if it will go wide enough to attach them both.


They’re correct. That’s exactly how I have my monitors set up both at home and the office (tho I have one vertical and two horizontal), and so do several of my coworkers. The vertical is great for viewing reference material, code, editing regular text, etc. for the same reason that newspapers and magazines print text in columns rather than across an entire page.


I’m wondering how this [single] mount extends. For example does the center of the screen change horizontally while extending? In other words would I have to move my chair to the side from retracted to extended to keep myself centered on the screen?

Not a big deal for me because my desk is wide open but could pose an issue for someone with a more restricting leg space.

I feel my English today is lacking so if any of that was hard to read…sorry it’s still early to me.


Will this work with an all-in-one if the weight is OK? Does the monitor have to have pre-driven holes to attach the arm?


I got the 2-monitor stand last time offered. Although it comes with a couple of tools (allen wrench and crescent-style wrench) and all the hardware needed for the stand itself, I did not see any screws to mount the monitor on to the stand.

My monitors happened to have screws in all the screw holes, fortunately. Check your monitor to see if you are as lucky.


Neither one of my monitors have screw holes in the back for mounting the stand. Plus I can’t remember ever seeing a monitor that have them.

If I were to try to mount the stand to the monitor I would have to randomly screw screws into the plastic on the back of my monitor. I’m not gonna do that.

Is there a fix?


You can use two larger metal plates, one on top on underneath the desktop where you plan to set the clamp for this mount. That will distribute the weight over a larger grip area on the desktop.


These are a great value for the price if you don’t mind the installation hassle.

If anyone’s interested in spending twice as much ergotron makes a unit with a round base that is spring loaded height adjustment for a little over $50 on amazon. Search Ergotron Neo Flex.


If they actually don’t have a VESA mounting option, there is not likely a turn-key solution.

However, VESA mounting holes are fairly standard nowadays. Sometimes they are either hidden by or already used by the factory desktop stand/mount.

Wiki has some info and a picture of the standard places to look.

This (competitor’s) website also has some info on standard screw sizes and spacing.


I purchased the 2-monitor stand a couple of weeks ago. Two sets of screws (8 short, 8 long) were included in the bag for attachment to the VESA mount screw points on a monitor.