Seneca Adjustable Desktop Monitor Mounts

Got the dual last time they were on. It’s great (clamped to the back of my desk, still holding strong. I’d expected to need to drill through, but the clamps have done just fine so far).

One word of warning, though: you can only adjust the vertical positioning of both arms together. There’s no way to nudge one monitor up or down an inch or two to match the other. So if your monitors aren’t twins, check the placement of the VESA mounts.

I’ve a 19" old-style 4:3 and a 22" 16:10, chosen so the screens and bezels matched up quite closely on their stands… but once I mounted them, since the VESA holes aren’t in the same spots, the left screen is about an inch higher than the right.
Seneca AV SD11
$31.98 Free Shipping.

I had a lot of trouble with this mount. My monitor was within the weight limits (an asus ProArt 27”), but the vertical tilt hinge didn’t have enough friction and the monitor would CONSTANTLY tilt downward on its own.

If you use this monitor mount, perhaps be mindful of this.