Seneca Adjustable Desktop Monitor Mounts

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Seneca Adjustable Desktop Monitor Mounts
Price: $29.99 - 64.99
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Could these be mounted upside down? That is, attached to a ledge that overhangs the desk? From the picture, I can’t tell how the pieces that hold the monitor attach to the post itself.

It wasn’t this exact mount, but I did mount one almost exactly like it upside down for my mother. The arms are secured by tightening a screw that clamps them to the post, so it shouldn’t matter which orientation the post is in for it to work.

I have the dual of this exact product and I would agree with your assessment.

I bought the single monitor mount for a 27" monitor a while back here. The quality for the price is absolutely outrageous.

Does it come with the screws to attach the monitors?

Does anyone know the actual bar heights of the dual and the quad setup?

I have a different brand monitor mount and it’s annoyingly short and I’ve put a block of wood underneath, I’d love to be able to not use the block of wood.

Will this work with a 30"? I am looking to mount 2 monitors 1 x 20" and 1 x 30"

I would say no to this. The arms on the dual are not long enough to hold a 30" diagonal panel without overlapping the 20". I have 2x 24" LCDs on mine and they fit great, but anything larger than that and you’re looking at an acute angle where they meet, unless you rotate one into portrait view.

Got the quad last time around. I’ve had a few different brands in the past and this is better than most. You could mount it upside down, it’s not annoyingly short. It says it takes up to 27" monitors so I would guess that one 20" and one 30" would easily fit.

Yeah, I guess I just noticed that in the Amazon description ( But I do actually have my 20" in portrait view which makes it just as tall as the 30" anyway.

This one ( on Amazon officially supports 30" and is actually cheaper. I wonder what quality is like in comparison.

Is there no difference in the spacing for the mounting screw holes in the back that might cause a problem? If it is just making it fit and the angles, I can probably work things out by mounting the 20" in portrait mode.

Hey all.

The Seneca site has TONS of information on each model. Way more than we could ever put in the sale. Make sure you check it out.

Yes it does!

The picture doesn’t show you have to drill a hole.Wish I would have known that