Seneca Adjustable Desktop Monitor Mounts

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Seneca Adjustable Desktop Monitor Mounts
Price: $29.99 - 64.99
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Identical product, different name, available with free shipping on Amazon Prime.

This one has that collar to look a little nicer. But otherwise, yeah…

Got two of these last time I saw them listed, work great. Very maneuverable, and I loved that I didn’t have to drill into my desk to set it up(either clamps, uses pre-existing holes, or drills). Stands in generally really help save desk space, especially useful when you’re already on a tight desk as it is.
The collar is nice to have, but it’s not attached(just FYI). It’s just a slip collar, so moves freely.
I’m going to purchase another dual monitor stand today, for my last set of monitors on my desk(4 on mine, two on my wife’s), as I let her choose last time I got them if she wanted one or not.

maybe silly, but how do you attach it to your monitor? will it fit all brands??

I don’t think it is identical, as it lacks any other mounting option aside from the clamp (the woot offering can be screwed on directly). it is also only rated for 16lbs displays, whereas the dual-mount from woot is rated for 22lbs.

Any monitor with the VESA mount.

At this point most modern monitors will work with this. To know for sure, look on the back of your monitor. You should see 4 holes near the center aligned in a square pattern. They may be covered by rubber plugs to hide them for aesthetic purposes, or they may be used by the stand the monitor came with.

There are standards for how far apart these holes are. Particularly, two standard sizes: 3" apart, or 4" apart. These standards are the VESA standard you hear.

When you get a mount, you attach the mount’s faceplate to the monitor using 4 bolts/screws. You usually then attach the monitor/plate combo onto the mount’s arm and tighten it down together with another bolt(s) or screw(s).

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Is the mount only limited by weight and not monitor size? So it’ll support a couple of 32" monitors provided they’re within the 22lb weight limit?

Looks like vesa mount. That’s a pretty standard mount. But your monitor may not have that. I know mine doesn’t.

But I hate my monitor.

Anybody know what the height range for the single monitor stand is? I have a relatively low desk and need the monitors to be raised by about 18".

I bought the dual monitor stand last time (time before that?) and use it at work. The monitors are now about 6" above the desk, and I suppose I could raise them another 3 inches. If you need the 18" clearance, Clarence, then you’d probably have to go with the quad monitor stand and just use the top pair of attachments.

You can get the 2 monitor one for cheaper.

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The Vivo(STAND-V001B) with a gas spring is so much nicer but it costs about $47 on Amazon. We have this,a slightly different version, and it doesn’t move as smoothly and we tried it on a larger monitor but it seemed to barely hold the weight. Vivo now on that one and seems sturdier.

I have been surprised how MANY monitors do NOT have the VESA mount.
I have some cheap monoprice mounts and one thing I ran into is when a monitor DOES have a VESA mount it might be at a different height then another monitor. I like my monitors up pretty high and my mono price mounts are barely tall enough when the VESA mount is low on the monitor back.

Does this work with a 24 inch monitor? I know mine has VESA mounts but I am wondering if 24 inch is too big?

Hi there.

The Seneca site has more info on monitor sizes. Click on Products and pick the mount you are interested in. Then click on Details on the left side.

SD 12 - 13 to 27 inch monitors are supported. Great.