SENZ Original Aerodynamic 30" Storm Umbrella

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SENZ Original Aerodynamic 30" Storm Umbrella
$14.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 SENZ Original 30" Aerodynamic Storm Umbrella

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If I see any of you using one of these I’m going to push you over and take your lunch money.

Really good reviews for this goofy looking thing on Buzzillions.

This is weird!

Is this the modern version of the pocket protector?

Looks like a coffin.

SENZ Original Aerodynamic 30" Storm Umbrella Product Page

I don’t see people getting blown over with this umbrella.

Manufacturer’s website

$34.99 on eBay

Here is the product website!

Edit: I was just trying to beat NightGhost, but instead I was beat by two other people. Haha. Oh well!

I can’t be the only one to immediately think this…

Yeah I’m not cool enough to start this trend.

So, which direction do you point it?

I’m guessing you put the “blunt” end into the wind. It’s shaped kinda like the aerodynamic helmets some wear in the olympics, and they (like airplane wings) have the “blunt” end in front, and the “sharp” end at the back.

It looks like you hold it in front of you with the long “tail” going over and behind you. That’s probably great if you’re walking into the wind.

Has anyone used one of these? Do you have to keep spinning it around when the wind shifts?

Is it aerodynamic in the sense it will fly away even more efficiently in high winds, or aerodynamic in that it won’t implode, but probably soak you? Looks like you could use this as a hang glider in an extreme emergency.


here’s an easy way to spot virgins.

wow great shape. Just read this bad boy can block winds up to 70mph without inverting! I wonder if this would be good to take with me to the beach rain or shine!


wait lool im kinda confused. how are you supposed to hold it?

Does anybody have the product site?