Serve it Up!

Remember to handwash your bamboo! Who would like to serve up a review of some of these items?

I have some of these placemats; they’re good, especially when feeding children as they clean up so easily. However, the price here is too high. I think I paid $2.00 a piece for mine, in a local store. If these were priced better, I would purchase more. $35.00 for 6 (or $5.83 for 1) is way too high.

Ummmm . . . who serves Kiwi slices with the skin still on??? or is that for our Woot! monkeys???

Me? It’s edible.

Fiber, huh? Well, that’s good to know.

These trays are enormous and seem pretty sturdy. I bought several sets earlier in the year to give as “welcome gifts.” My only recommendation would be to perhaps spray them with some type of waterproof protective sealer.

The Placemats are synthetic so no waterproof spray needed. I am assuming these are like the ones I got at Target that look just like Bamboo but are vinyl. I agree with the other reviewer they are a a bit pricey, but I love the Walnut ones. Thinking about it.

The Placemats are not bamboo. The trays are, so heed the warning! My bamboo is very mad at me at the moment.

Maybe I’m not very bright, but how are we supposed to know what colors are what for the placemats when the pictures aren’t labeled and the names indicate similar colors?

Honestly I used amazon to determine colors haha:

I bought a set of these trays last time they were on woot. They seem to be very slightly resistant to small amounts of moisture (about the amount that condenses on the bottom of a glass), but I think I will try to seal them in case of future spills!

Trying to pick a set of placemats that goes with green granite and I am not having an easy time

You should post a pic of the granite, we can help!