Shark Rotator UV560 Lift Away Vacuum

Shark Rotator UV560 Lift Away Vacuum

Terrific vacuum! Bought refurb here five years ago. Similar model without all the attachments on this one. Have pets, red clay and light carpets. The hose on my vac has split at this point; working fine with duct tape for now but am buying another as overall life expectancy doesn’t make getting just a new hose worthwhile.
UPDATE: DISAPPOINTING. Vacuum works as expected but the condition was what i consider “used” not factory reconditioned. Unit had been cleaned but from the scratches, can see that it had a fair amount of use. Worried about longevity. Accessories appeared new. Prior purchase was pristine.

I bought one of these to replace my 20 year old Dyson. The vacuum works well and at the price it’s not a bad deal. That said, I find it a bit cumbersome to maneuver. It’s top heavy for sure and easily tips over using it in the upright position (the vacuum, not me).

The cord is too short so plan on moving it a lot…also I find that the cord is easy to get underfoot because of where it exits the vacuum. The plastic hose connections and attachments is thin and cheap feeling…one hose connection is already split after a couple months. Duct tape solved this but…

It’s about an inch and a half narrower than the Dyson was…not a big deal but it means more passes. Like mowing a lawn with a 20" deck instead of a 22"

I bought two of these on WOOT several years ago…for a REAL Real great price…and they still both work…nice quick to get unit…sucks well and take little time to get use to the movement and workability of it…

I bought this a few years ago on here. It is powerful and overall a good vacuum. I use all of the attachments for various cleaning. I will warn buyers that the plastic shell is not extremely durable. Mine has some cracks here and there and the hose will disconnect sometimes. This is fine for the home, but if you are hard on a vacuum or use it on the job, maybe consider something else.

Received mine today - overall in good shape. Some bumps and scuffs. Attachments all ok.

Filters are all yellowed and don’t inspire a lot of confidence in their level of purity.
Ordered a set on Amazon and will replace when they come.
I realize refurb - but i think the hepa should be white or wrapped when i get it.