Shark UV480 Rocket DuoClean Stick Vacuum

Shark UV480 Rocket DuoClean Stick Vacuum

$h!t, I paid ten dollars more for one of these two weeks ago. We are pretty happy with is so far. I wish it had a broader attachment (other than the roller brushes) for our hardwood floors-have to buy that separate. It also has a faint smell and some scuffs–if it smelled like pets (which is a possibility) I would have sent it back.

Still $169 new at Costco.


I got one of these (also for $10 more like the previous poster) and am very satisfied with it. Yes, it did look like it had a few miles on it but it was cleaned very well and works perfectly. Even a new vac will look used after only a few days of use so I am not disappointed. I replaced a full-sized upright Shark with this one in the house because it is just so easy to use and move around - a big issue as age starts to creep up on me!

There are many things to like about this unit (especially for this price), but my favorites are the excellent suction and the ease of use. I won’t deal with the batteries on cordless vacs - nothing but trouble and expense - so I don’t mind the cord. The only thing I don’t like about it is it didn’t come with a holder/clip that allows you to attach the crevice tool onto the extension tube to carry it along with you, otherwise I would be completely satisfied.

Overall, a solid recommendation from me!


How is this on carpeted stairs, with pet hair?

Also got one couple weeks ago for $10 more. Now, unlike you two, my seemed in like new condition. I agree the attachment accessory needs a way to store on the unit. Otherwise, it works great. Lots of power, quiet, maneuverable.

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“Shark Onboard Storage Clip (1079FTHV3) for Rocket DuoClean Vacuums” is what you are looking for. Search for that on eBay and you should find them for less than $7 with free shipping.

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