Sharp Aquos 32” 720p LCD HDTV

Hmmm, I was really hoping to see a Sansa…


Yep. But then, I just got a “Service Unavailable” message from sellout, so there may be issues here as well…

Visa dude.

That’s what I’m talking about!!!

Manhunter (1986) ??

Most of these are eighties movies.

Arrived yesterday and was dead-on-arrival: there was sound but no picture except for a few random stripes.

We generally recommend contacting the manufacturer first, unless stated otherwise. (e.g. “90 day Woot Warranty” in the product write-up.) If they cannot or will not assist you, you can get in touch with with your order number and a detailed description of the problem. Please be sure to adjust any spam filtering you have in place to ensure a response from that address.

Just wanted to share my experiences - i’d be interested if anyone else who purchased this TV is having similar problems:

As per my earlier email, my set arrived DOA. Sharp sent out a repair technician who then proceeded to do nothing. They didn’t contact Sharp or issue a service report. When I called Sharp, they called the technician who admitted to doing nothing and who said the set was ‘damaged in transit’. I disputed this since there was no evidence at all to indicate damage. Sharp sent another technician 4 weeks later that replaced some internal components and the set was fixed. He also commented that all of the internal circuit boards were not secured down with any screws or other fixings. If this is Sharp’s definition of ‘re-certified to factory standards’ then I’m a little dismayed.

Well, the set lasted 1 day before the power light started blinking and the screen refused to light up. Today, I’ve spent the best part of the day on the phone with Sharp who keep saying they will call back within the hour but then do not. Finally we reached a customer service representative who indicated that it might take another 4 weeks for the technician to revisit.

Needless to say, I’m very frustrated by this shopping experience. Sharp’s customer service representatives are very pleasant but they don’t seem to get much done. And the state of the ‘re-certified’ product is shocking.