Shun Ken Onion 7 Piece Bamboo Block Set

boc :frowning:

More really expensive knives no one wants?!?!!?

gah… more knives…


wish I had that much for knives

I guess we’re not getting a Band of Caucasians today.

2 day woot off it is?

There was a collective groan at work after the previous tripe was replaced with this tripe.

Just in time for the east coast commute…

I’d be in for 3 if I hadn’t bought 3 of the $600 variety.

2 day woot-off!

Ahh yes more Knives. Finally I can get more things done.

Son of a…

In 41. Cool. Thanks WOOT!

Previous Woot

Here are various reviews of Shun knives, focusing on Shun Ken Onion:


links to video reviews forum

Yeah, but then you couldn’t afford the food.

aye, i say its a 2 day woot off…

I could use a good set of knives, but work has been sloooooooow for months. So no pretty sharp things for me today.

(These are supposed to be pretty awesome, though)

Hopefully this will give me time to get home. I can’t imagine a lot of people paying $350 for a set of knives. PLEASE HOLD A BUNCH OF CARROTS FOR ME WOOT!! THANKS!!!