SimpliSafe 7-Piece Home Security System

SimpliSafe 7-Piece Home Security System


I came here to post the same video link haha


Same. I love LPL

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That said, the average burglar is an idiot and I’d still trust AN alarm system over NO alarm system


Literally just saw this on Twitter from @verge. How long until cameras with AI can ID intruders, rendering window/door contacts useless? Maybe I’ll ask Alexa.

I want to know the range of the door sensors. Meaning, can I put one of these door sensors in my tool shed thats 100ft or so, away from the house and it pick it up.

Yes, you can - I have mine set up like this - the range is pretty good.

So, the video shows a problem. What’s the solution? Which vendors have wireless systems that are less susceptible to interference? I don’t think that a wired alarm system is really an option.

Not so bleak after all:

It would be great if the sensor itself kept a log of activations with a time stamp, so that it could sync up with the alarm system after any interruption. But it looks like any prolonged jamming (such as to jam motion sensors) will be detected and reported, and you have your notification.

It’s a trade-off. it’s either wireless installation with easy DIY installation and lower reliability or wired installation with good reliability and hard, possibly professional, installation.

LPL addresses a solution: DON’T advertise which system you have. Putting up a different sign that you have an alarm is a deterrent for many crooks already.

So save my ADT signs and put them up around my home if I use something like SimpliSafe? Awesome!


It’s why I still have an ADT sign up front, even though I’ve never had service with them. And I got that sign out of a dumpster. :laughing:

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I want to start a DALEK home security company.
The protection is awesome, but the alarms are terrible.

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DALEK alarms get rid of bugs as well. EXTERMINATE!! EXTERMINATE!!


I have some Tend Lynx cameras that can run facial identification to compare to registered faces and alert you either when a specific person is seen, or when someone who isn’t registered is seen, depending how you want to set it up. I get an app notification when my wife walks in the front door that she’s home, for instance.

They don’t interface with any security systems that I’m aware of yet though.

Very nice. I know that this kind of tech is emerging. While privacy concerns over its use are legitimate, there are going to be some very useful applications of it.