Singer Futura Quintet Sewing Machine

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Singer Futura Quintet Sewing Machine
Price: $599.99
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Reviews from HSN

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a SIX HUNDRED DOLLAR sewing machine? lmfao, this is not woot. this is anti-woot. i can pay the local repair tailor for 25 years for this cost. six hundred dollars, lmao. “woot” … not.

Now if only a wife was included with the Sewing Machine!

Need support? All of the support you need can be found right here and solid reviews (4.1 out of 5.0) over at

[MOD: Machine at JoAnn Fabrics is different]

For all you naysayers, just because YOU don’t want a sewing machine for $600 doesn’t mean someone else doesn’t. I’m looking at upgrading my $200 machine and I’m looking at $1000 machines. $600 for something that everyone else is selling for DOUBLE that - yeah, that IS a woot, even if it’s not a woot for you. If you don’t like it, go to sports/electronics/computers/tools/home/kids/shirt.woot and find some other way to give them your money.

Unless you NEED a surger, this is actually the best sewing machine woot deal there has ever been.

iS this For European version?
i need Rated Voltage: 230 V ~

I got your wife Baybee, JK This doesn’t include a serger… BAH!!! I will still with my 30 year old Elna, I prefer to keep my comuter in my computer, My Mom uses Elna’s and Bernina’s for Embroidery, and she is a Beast, Not to mention her machines… If you need a decent machine. this may be for you…I don’t care for singer’s but it has a 25 YR WTY, Research is King… ftw…lol

Is this the xl-400 or xl-550?

It appears to be neither. Those two machines are different from this one.

What is excellent about this is the software that allows you to digitize and edit already-digitized embroidery patterns, That is extremely expensive normally. You could run a cottage industry doing custom embroidery with this machine. I already own an embroidery machine (which I paid more than this amount for new), sans the designing software, and don’t personally have the interest in doing custom machine embroidery at present. If I didn’t, I would see this as a very attractive offer. I’d also have considered it as a gift for a young-adult leaving the nest – you need a sewing machine, here is a good one that will serve a great number of needs. Same as I would buy them a decent set of power tools.

Hey, just because it’s a sewing machine and not one of the endless supply of reconditioned electronics doesn’t mean that you have to hate on Woot. Some days, it’s not going to be something you like. That’s not an attack on your manhood.

Here’s the product page at HSN where you can get a lot more info and see a comparison price of $1200.

Serious question: Is the software Windows-only? Or will it work on OSX?

That is not the correct machine on That is the Futura, not the Futura Quintet. Here is a review on HSN:
Not great reviews. 3.8 out of 5 stars.

I was really interested in this machine too!

One of the things that makes patterns expensive is the licensing costs. If the images that you are using are not in the public domain, you need to license them from the copyright owner. This is particularly true if you are doing this as a business and doubly so if you haven’t shielded your personal assets via an LLC or something similar.

I’m glad I hopped in here and read the comments. Normally my eyes bug out at equipment that costs this much, but there are people who make a living off of their machine. While I don’t, and am therefore happy with the $30 Singer I bought while working at the pawn shop (the little thing does everything I need, and it normally sells for about three times the price new. Yay employee discount?), I can easily see how this would be a mega-woot for those who actually ~need~ this much sewing machine.

So wtg woot, for making sure you appeal to all your customers some of the time instead of some of your customers all the time. Bravo.

I understand the confusion coming from someone not involved in crafts, but this machine isn’t for hemming your pants. It’ll do that, of course. But this is a sewing/embroidery machine, and programmable at that. It’s like if a regular sewing machine and a gaming PC had a baby.

That said, it is an odd choice for Woot! The market for these things is fairly small. Myself, I’m a crafty gal but I prefer to do what little embroidery I do myself and all I’d use a sewing machine for is the aforementioned hemming. Keep thinking about buying a cheap $100 machine for that, but it’s easier to set pants aside and be lazy about it.