Sling Media Slingbox SOLO Bundle

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Sling Media Slingbox SOLO Bundle
$99.99 + $5 Standard OR $14 Two-Day OR $17 One-Day Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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FIRST!!! yeah right…WOOTALYZER!!!

not Mac

is the bag of crap sold out yet?

How is woot gonna send off the pirate theme tonight? Last month was a bacon coffin which somebody bought.

Will it be a real live pirate ship?

no hdmi port??

i wouldn’t buy anything unless they hdmi these days, unless i miss something then please let me know.


Shouldn’t be! We are waiting on puzzle pieces still!

So I could use this to “borrow” my parents cable television and watch it at my house? Assuming its hooked up to a separate cable box that’s not currently being used to watch TV with.

I bought 1 at a previous woof off. It’s great. You don’t really want to transmit HD over the network.

This is the lower end SD model. But IIRC, Sling doesn’t have HDMI because of the HDCP copy protection.

Great Xmas gift for under 100…

You missed yesterday days didnt you :slight_smile:

Thanks, was looking for a thoughtful post to get some inside into it. I have been looking for one for long time but not sure which one is the good model

I have the ProHD because I like to stream within my house and that works great. Really nice quality. But you’re right in that most of us don’t have enough upstream bandwidth to get a good HD stream if you’re on the internet. Most people in the US have maybe 1.5Mbps upstream which doesn’t cut it.

I have the solo and I love it. I hooked up the component cables and I think its still looks good. More of the problem is the upload speed of your internet.
Hell I bought 2 used ones at $80 each. Sent one to a friend house so I could watch hometown sports.

I read that these have a resistor that is known to blow. Sling won’t fix it because their warranty is 12mos and it usually takes >12mos for the resistor to overheat. Mine lasted 15 months. I don’t have a strong desire to throw out my money for 15 months of Slingbox service again…

iPad app is $30, which is rotten. My cable company offers free in the house ipad watching, but limited channels. Doesn’t tie up the tv like this would though.

Those early orders were canceled though… So ideally shouldn’t be sold out. (If there is sarcasm/humor - not reading it due to concussion and I apologize! lol)

Wish it would arrive. This was my first order and my buddy who lives down the street ordered after i did and got his 3 days ago. This was my first time i have ordered from Woot and it looks like it maybe the last.