Smith & Wesson Tactical LED Flashlight

As it turns out, the front of the flashlight can be used as a last-ditch self defense measure. Just stab and twist.

(Not even kidding. That’s by design)

I have a Smith and Wesson LED flashlight and I use the red LED option for when I’m flying so I don’t lose my night vision. This flashlight is extremely durable, and can be dropped from 5(+) ft onto concrete and only get a scratch. Buy it… You won’t regret it’s capability…

PS- with moderate use I have never changed the batteries in 2 years.

At around this price range, I highly recommend the Fenix LD20 instead of this one. It has 4 light levels (and 2 strobe levels), brighter than this at its maximum, uses 2 AA battery, regulated output, rugged and waterproof. The only thing it lacks is a red LED. You can get a red filter for it, but it’s not as convenient as having it built in.

As it turns out, 150 lumens can be used to freaking blind someone so you can get the hell away!

The LD20 is a much better choice than this second rate flashlight. Anything that uses 3 AAA instead of a AA is sacrificing quality for cost.

This is a “licensed” product. That means that a company licenses the name “Smith & Wesson” and manufactures the product in their own, not the Smith & Wesson, factory.

We’ve seen a lot of licensing of famous names in the gun industry this way. To interpret the value of these products, you should completely ignore the brand. Some of them are good values, some not.

I am having a hard time believing that this is a real bargain as a $50 flashlight, especially given some of the previous flashlight sales on Woot.

At first glance, I thought they finally made a working lightsaber.

I was disappointed when I realized this was a flashlight.

Does anyone know how this compares to a Surefire flashlight that takes those short 123 camera batteries?

150 lumens is, by today’s standards, pretty tame. If you’re buying this light for sheer power, then there are much more powerful flashlights (or torches, as geeks call them) that have newer LED modules. This one uses the CREE XRE-Q5, which is good but I think the new kid on the block is the XML-T6, which is insanely bright. Also, this torch takes 3 AAA batteries, which is nice because you can pick them up anywhere. Many other torches uses CR123A or 18650 rechargeable lithiums, which put out a LOT of power and can be (duh) recharged!

This is a nice looking torch and the red LED is a good feature, but it’s a bit overpriced for the lumen output, IMO. But flashlights are like computers—wait six months and the tech jumps forward quite a bit, and prices can drop a bit too.

I’m worried I may be too casual for a tactical flashlight. Do I need a gun to unlock this flashlights full potential?

Why even bother with AAs? Lithium 123As or 18650s are easy to find (Internet) and recharge. Not too expensive, especially since you can cycle them MANY times. And most really good torches use them anyway. In fact, your average laptop battery is often made of an array of 18650s.

Ya 150 sucks… unless u r planning on dropping your light on rocks or concrete every week from 30 feet up, better value to get the cheapos from meritline at 300-600 lumens and can get 2-3 at this price shipped. I have a couple of them for over a year now, never dropped on anything really hard, but they work fine with regular AA and AAA’s. The brighter ones use the lithiums. I also got a Fenix 300 lumens for about $50, not worth the $$$ at all… not much brighter than my cheapos for 3 times the price.

So again, u wanna drop and try to break them, buy the $50 underlit ones… if u take care of your stuff, use the straps around your wrist and rather have 3 brighter ones, u know what to do… and no I dont like Chinese cheapos, I just like the best VALUE and hate overpriced crap that only costs several dollars more to make than the Chinese crap in reality.

Depends on what you are looking for, but I don’t think this is that great of a deal. I recently purchased an EagleTac D25LC2 for only about $7 more (got free shipping as Prime member). Much more capable flashlight. Takes CR123A batteries (which may be a minus for some of you), WAY brighter (with multiple brightness modes), and several strobe and beacon modes. This S&W is just way over-priced, imho (edit: for the lumens, as Roostalee mentioned). Heck, you can pick up an EagleTac D25C for $40.

Granted, the red LED is a really nice feature (the EagleTacs I linked don’t have it), and it may be worth more to some of you (pilots, hunters, etc.) than it is to me. Considering what this flashlight is selling for elsewhere, this is a good price. But if you don’t care about the red LED, there are better deals everywhere.

I purchased a Smith and Wesson branded flashlight here on woot! some time ago for considerably less money. It has been a solid performer . . . but I wouldn’t buy this woot! at this price under any circumstance. Cabella’s had this SAME light under a different house brand name and I played with it for some time in the store a few weekends ago, it was disappointing and they wanted $14.99 for theirs - the guy told me he could drop it to $10 bucks with a coupon for me and I still passed. Same specs, same everything - I bet the same supplier on Alibaba made them both. IMHO, this is a $10 torch compared to other offerings in the marketplace. Heck, Newegg has a VERY nice Rosewill brand torch in their current 24 hour sale for $20 delivered that is built better, is about twice as bright and a heck of a better deal. This isn’t at all a woot! like most of us have come to know and expect. A lot of the time since Amazon took over this place I just scratch my head in wonder.

This doesn’t seem like a great deal to me. For about the same or even less money, you can get a 4Sevens Preon 2 or a Fenix PD20, which are smaller, lighter, brighter and have more functionality. I own both of those lights, and they’re both excellent. The PD20 is my carry light with shorts and khakis and the Preon 2 is my light when I wear jeans.

CREE LED diode. (Department of Redundancy Department)

Though they aren’t really high tech, I really love those Energizer Hard Case flashlights they used to have. My kids love em too, and they tend to lose em, which is why I am looking for more lol.

Well the Smith and Wesson Specs say it has less lumens (150) and the Surefire 6px specs says it has 200 lumens but lasts only 2 hours compared to the smith and wessons 20 hours. I’d say the smith and wesson is the better choice besides being much cheaper on woot.

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