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Smooth Fitness 7.6 HR Pro Power Folding Treadmill [New] - $999.99 + $5 shipping shipping

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First woot! item that is going to have 0 purchases.

400 lb capacity… so… I guess this thing is heavy duty. Does that mean it is going to be really loud?

Product Website

Here’s a review

7.6 HR…Does that mean it will only last 7.6 hours? Or does the HR mean something else?

The HR stands for Heart Rate.

Here’s the manual.

p.s. I read it while eating a yogurt, posting on wine.woot, and running backwards on my treadmill. :wink:

HR= huge regret, happy running, heavy runner,etc etc

Free water bottle clinches the deal.

I was just shopping for a treadmill today… How is the price tag on this puppy compared to its competition?

Seems to be a decent deal as most places want at least a few hundred $$ more, but it might be a discontinued older model. Expect to see a lot of deals like this as black friday and new years approach.

Also, it lacks a fan which is a simple feature you will really want, unless you already have a room fan or good AC in the room you put this in.

But it is always best to try these out for feel at a local store if possible. It has decent specs and a heavy duty weight claim, but I have also noticed that heavy duty can also mean the walking board is stiffer, which might not be as nice on your knees. Unless you are heavy and need the extra support, maybe a flimsier board with more give might be more comfortable to run on.

We appreciate it, actually! Your comment may have been removed to prevent further confusion. Apologies and thanks for being on top of things!

you’re welcome :slight_smile:

Is there any possibility for the Woot Staff to further describe the terms of delivery.

If they dump this monster at curbside, which for me is 100 feet from my house, it is going to cost me another $100 to get it in the house.

If it is delivered to a specified room in your house, I am very tempted to pull the trigger on this.

Thank you.

Speaking from delivery experience on treadmills (2 times), inside delivery is hellishly expensive. Could cost an additional $200+ just for inside delivery.

The shipper will likely drop this in the street. Refuse delivery if the truck doesn’t have a lift gate. Otherwise the driver will shoot the item out the end of the truck and splatter it all over the street.

Don’t expect to have your wife or girlfriend drag this 310 pound monster from the street to inside your residence. If no one is home when they arrive, the shipping companies have a habit of just leaving these in front of your residence.

This looks like a great item, but the shipping service often stinks. See HSN or QVC reviews on treadmill shipping complaints. Nightmares!

I have one of these. Most expensive clothes hanger I’ve ever bought.

It claims the build allows for “extremely quiet” operation. Take that as you will though… my “extremely quiet” fan can be heard from across the house. Also might depend on how heavily you run. Some people land completely flat foot. Sound like a cow running bye.

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