Snapware Storage Boxes

I bought some of these the last time they were on Woot. They work well for holding ribbon, and the top stays on well. But, be warned that the bottom compartment does not stay on well, at all. I have the issue with all three units that I bought.

By this time of year leftover Christmas stuff is usually selling fo 90% off most places.

Don’t do it. Just don’t. These exact boxes are cheaper at Michaels craft stores and they are…junk.
The average size ribbon spool wobbles all over the place because the dowel that holds them in place is so small. The plastic is the cheap brittle quality you would find in a dollar store and the bottom section will NOT stay on. None of the units I bought last time they were on Woot will stay latched together.
Then only redeeming aspect of these boxes are A) the bottom sections will latch on to other bottom sections. B) the lid will stay on the top section.
But overall, they don’t work as a whole system. I built a better ribbon system with 2 Kleenex boxes and two chop sticks. So, yeah.

These are considerably cheaper than the last time they were offered, IIRC.

I got two of the larger containers on clearance after Christmas 2011. I really like them. To put everything away last weekend, I undid all the latches, spread the layers on the coffee table, distributed different types of ornaments/decorations to different layers, retrieved the lid after my dog ran off with it… So far, I really like them: I feel like the Holiday stuff is organized without much effort and it will make decorating easier next year having similar types of items grouped together. I also appreciate the handles since I carry them up and down stairs. :slight_smile:

Latches have been working just fine. These aren’t heirloom holiday containers - the latches will fail at some point - but I keep undoing and redoing them as I find little stuff here and there; they’re solid so far!

Absolute DITTO - right down to the coffee table :smiley: except the dog didn’t run away with the lid - that would’ve been too much work lol

The troublesome ones seem to be the ribbon organizers and I have way too many rolls of ribbon to even try those. The tray ones are great.

Finally - somewhere to store my countless yards of ribbon. Thank you, Woot, for this treasure.

bought these last time and have been using them to store computer parts like mouses and ethernet cords and webcams and manuals and things- heavy stuff- and had no problem at all, although I have only opened and closed and held the boxes by the handle a handful of times. going to buy more today to organize some paperwork!

Avoid the ribbon containers. I got one and it was great, but then I got 3 more and they won’t stay latched - let alone stack together like I had planned.

Echo what AggieChick said when starting this thread: the bottom does not stay attached to the ribbon box. I purchased 3 before Christmas. To Woot’s credit when I ask for a RMA, they credited my charge and did not want me to return them. Don’t waste your time and money with these!

I’ve used these for my ornaments for several years. I had the bottom fall off one while walking up the stairs with them and broke a couple ornaments. I still use them and have two “stacks” of them but carry them while holding on to the bottom, never by the handle. So they really aren’t cracked up to what they are supposed to be. It’s probably about 75cents worth of plastic, I wish they’d spend a little more money and use a lock and lock type system to keep the compartments in place.

Be sure to look at the measurements before you buy these. They are quite small. They’re not big tubs that you can use for storage.

Adorable puppy is adorable.


I use them to hold older storage media like CDs and cassette tapes – stuff I want to see, but not use that often. Like to previous offer