SOG Dark Energy Flashlights

Using AA batteries is a minor advantage. However using a light with Li-ion batteries will give longer run time and greater output in a smaller light.

If these are truly dark energy flashlights, then we won’t be able to see the energy they emit.

But we could see its impact on things around it (on a Macro scale)

these are good lights. I think the 600+ lumen rating claimed is optimistic, probably more like 500 for the DE05, but that’s still plenty for more than 99% of us who just use it around the house, or hiking/camping, things like that.

Yeah, the lithium batts are a little pricey, but you get what you pay for. You can’t get that kind of power from AAs.

I have another similar light that I got from Woot that came with a belt case, and has a side pouch for spare batteries, and I’d love if these came with that same feature. I’ve been holding out for that one to come back, but I’ve had other SOG gear, and may pull the trigger here.

Do these create a reaction with any matter, or do you need a matching Light Energy flashlight to destroy a planet?

I had a flashlight that used cr123 before. It’s been sitting in the same drawer with a dead battery for a few years now. For me it’s rechargeable 18650 or nothing. You can get flashlights that use them for $15 or less on Amazon and they work amazingly well. I’d recommend the Anker brand one. Most of these also include an adapter tube that lets you power the light with a few AAAs in a pinch.

The Anker is pretty good, but the best “cheap” flashlight I have is a Thor Fire…really good LED, was like $15. I use a good Panasonic 18650 battery I got off the mothership…great run times, even on high mode. For a quality alternative, battery junction has the new Klarus XT2CR…very powerful tactical flashlight, rechargeable, includes good 18650 battery for $72.

+2: Mine’s $10 ultrafire and sanyo/panasonic is the only batteries worth buying.

With a name like “Dark Energy” it must emit a different kind of light, right?

Or at the very least, harness and/or utilize a different type of energy source!

… oh, it’s just a tactical flashlight that takes regular batteries and has a stupid name?

Got it.

What I think these do, if you turn them on during the day, the room becomes dark. Good for sneaking around during daytime.

Dark energy, derived from dark matter? What does SOG know that the big brain physics geeks don’t?

Are the cr123’s those stumpy batteries that cost too much and are rarely seen? That’s a deal killer for me, and I don’t believe 600 lumens for a second.

I sent woot an email, but they didn’t respond. Does anyone have a phone I can use to contact them?

If phone service is avaiable, it will be shown in the Woot Customer Service form.

They’ll answer your email pretty quick. Make sure you check spam/junk folders. Also make sure your email address on woot is correct.

I see no phone number and i did check spam. They send me an email every day to go to their website

Woot may have sent you a message with dark energy, in which case it is hard to read.