Solo Cases 16" Laptop Backpack

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Solo Cases 16" Laptop Backpack
$9.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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These are AWESOME!! I got one the last time they were up, and the quality is amazing. This will be a Christmas present.

Seriously, buy one if you haven’t already.

where is everyone? oh yeah, they’re still in the Santana hat conversation…

Yeah, us Colorado hippies are gonna put on our Santana hats and hoist our lap-packs and get on down the road.

Okay, after this, one more, and then bed.

If a Bag o Carp happens while I am asleep, someone message me to tell me so I can kick myself in the morning.

I’ll wait for a 17" Laptop Backpack.

Don’t forget your ugly holiday sweater t-shirt.

Black is kind of boring. Do you have this in… Santana?

So … Tempted … To buy … another product for me before buying Christmas gifts

To go with my Woot! laptop… perfect.


Why thank you for the suggestion! I think my niece will like one!


looks like it’s back to business and all of the complainers have shut their woot-holes.

If you’re having bag problems i feel bad for ya, son. I got 99 problems but a solo case ain’t one.

This offering is as boring as all the others previously given…WHAT IN THE WORLD has happened to woot! ? I suggest you trade in your landmark Exclamation Point (!) for a more appropriate Question Mark (?)… dough brain material, are you not?

This is why I love woot. You people crack. me. up.

How does it feel to be brain dead and still breathing? Wooters know the feeling…