SONGMICS Metal Wire Cube Storage

SONGMICS Metal Wire Cube Storage

I originally bought these a few years ago to store records. They worked OK, but ultimately proved to be unsturdy. So then we used them to store kids toys, sports equipment, and so on in the garage. Again, they proved to be unsturdy. The connectors are the real issue. If you accidentally touch the “shelves,” you can knock a connector loose…and then the whole thing can fly apart. They are pretty frustrating to assemble because of the connectors. I guess if you only plan on putting very light objects in them, it’s an inexpensive option.

Ditto. Got cats? Don’t Get! MUCH more useful are those “Origami” shelves that show up periodically.

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Have a giant one setup in my garage, it’s at least 10 ft wide by 7 ft high. Used harbor freight zip ties to join and tighten the wire panels where ever there was a connector. Put heavier items on bottom cubes, was planning to secure top to wall but never did. Works great.