Sony 32GB or 64GB Xperia Tablet w/Cradle

Some good reviews on the 32GB version

**Item: **Sony 32GB or 64GB Xperia Tablet w/Cradle
Price: $279.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: New

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My recommendation is to not buy this.

I have a Sony Tablet S, and I like it. Getting the cradle (mine came with one as well) and the $45 for the Google Play store is a nice sweetener, and if this was $50 cheaper I might upgrade, but right now, the Tablet S is doing everything I ask of it. But, so so tempting…

Um, ok. Random comments like this are useless.

Any particular reason? I’m seriously considering this, but still looking at reviews.

Probably because Sony is horrible when it comes to keeping their products updated. As a Tablet S owner it sucks we aren’t getting upgraded anymore. Tablet itself is fine but meh… Won’t recommend Sony to anyone anymore.

Have you tried another ROM?

Any comparable tablets around the same price range you could recommend? I really like Sony’s styling, but lack of support and typical price is really a turnoff.

Also, are you using a custom ROM (as suggested above)?

Can’t… They locked the bootloader on them. No one in xda has been able to open them up. Even the new ones get jacked up updates. Don’t get me wrong… I use my tablet daily for reading but just wanted to let you guys know to be aware of the sucky or rather lack of updates with Sony.

If anyone cares on my opinion, I would not buy any, I repeat any android device, being tablets or phone’s without 2gig ram Period.
I know this and others will work great at first, but the more you install on it the more bogged down you will get, rooted or not!
I own a zoom Motorola. With the 1 gig ram and I see it it with that big time.
This will be better but it will bog down as any other with 1 gig ram.
I have a note 2 phone Samsung. With 2 gig ram and it never slows down unless of course I load some bad app.

All 1 gig ram variants should sell for no more than 200 with goodies.

I can’t believe that Samsung released that new tablet with only 1gig ram also, I wonder how many suckers will buy that at full price.
The Samsung note tablet 10.1 that has 2 gig of ram is great!

Also don’t ever get one with anything less than 32 gig ram minimum or you will be sorry, more is better like 64 gig.

Best of luck to all.

Bought a Tablet S with cradle off Woot several months ago. Agree with all of those people who like the tablet but upset with lack of support. Also have problems with the wifi,which will drop the signal every so often. Did a reboot several months ago, but it is acting up again.

The good:
Decent speed by today’s standard
Universal remote
Excellent black levels and contrast
Microsd expansion

The bad:
Probably will not get updated anymore
Wifi problems
Sleep problems
Locked bootloader (can’t be unlocked)
Playstation certified means nothing now

As the average consumer might expect, Playstation certified suggests that a device can play playstation games. But with a recent update, tablets that have that label can no longer purchase playstation games. Even worse, whatever that was installed (I.e., Crash Bandicoot) or existing games purchased are no longer accessible either. Instead they are replaced by indie games.

Although people might think it’s no big deal. After all, even prior to being removed the tablet Playstation store only had 12 PSone games or so. But that about sums up Sony’s mindset: they don’t really care about what their consumers want or expect. Be warned: even if Xperia Tablet S is capable of running Android 5.0, it is highly unlikely it will ever get updated. Who knows what other feature will be disabled simply because Sony believes it will be a better fit for their business model?

Which version of Android are you stuck with on this deal?

Spec says ICS. Sony recently released JB after months of delays.

I’m afraid I must agree with all the comments on Sony. My wife and I both have a Tablet S… no Sony support, no Sony parts (pray your charger never wears out), they remove features to suit the company whim at the time, and promised features never pane out.

If you like the price, buy it with the above knowledge. I’ll never buy another Sony product if I can help it.