Xperia 9.4" 32GB Tablet S w/ Cradle

**Item: **Xperia 9.4" 32GB Tablet S w/ Cradle
Price: $259.99
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Condition: New

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8/28/2013 - $259.99 (Woot Plus)

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4 Star Reviews on Amazon

TONS of additional info can be found over at

Lots of comments when the 32GB and 64GB were offered in July

Pretty good reviews (4.4 out of 5.0) on the cradle over at amazon

this is a good tablet -
I bought a couple of them when they first came up on woot way back -
I had the misunderstanding that Sony would continue to update the version of the Android OS on these - but they wont.
There is a really cool feature in Android 4.1+ - google now -
it’s Google’s answer to Siri -
you won’t get that with this tablet.
You will get a great reading tablet that is a good universal remote. It feels good in your hands, it has acceptable battery life.

I’ll sell you mine if you like - I want a more current version of Android and am pretty sorely disappointed that Sony doesn’t follow through on it’s pledge to keep it’s products current with the OS.

(stepping off soap box now)

I tend to go a little nuts with tablets. ipad 4, ipad mini, 2 Asus transformers, 3 kindle HDs, and the Sony Xperia. No doubt about it, the Sony has the fastest processing, best multi-tab web-browsing, etc. ipad may have better apps, but Sony is my go-to tablet. I’ll get the new Sony next, but I love the cradle on this unit. It’s next to my bed at all times.

The most helpful review on amazon looks to be pretty bad and the video was more of a promotional video than anything helpful like a review or such.

I just bought this tablet on sellout a couple weeks ago and it is great. One item to note: it only comes with one charger, not two. And the multi-port cables are impossible to find, so pray you never lose the one you have.

Stock rom has been upgraded to 4.1.1 on the Xperia Tablet S.

Which if your looking at the android OS is still far behind current. 4.3 is the current one.

For $230 you can get the new nexus 7. I have it and its a pretty awesome tablet.

I don’t have one, but just glancing at the specs suggests that this is a good buy, especially for a Tegra 3 and 32 GB. I have an original Moto Xoom that still does 90% of what I want to do (except play the latest Tegra games) but I may pull the trigger on this deal. The Sony Tablet S will never get a cyanogen port, but my Xoom will handle that.

Yes, if you are looking for 7". If you want something larger, you gotta spend more.

If you can do without the camera and GPS, I bought 3 refurbed Nook HD+ 9 inch tablets that have a 1920x1280 display that were easily modified to Cyanogen 10.2 (Android 4.3) for $110 each. They have Micro-SD support and way better resolution, the TI OMAP 4470 benchmarks closely to the Tegra 3. 1saleaday has offered these twice so far.

Check your mail.

I really hate sony, but for those that have them or complaining about the “old OS”… the beauty of most android devices is their easy ability to Root them and install the latest OS on them. The android hacking community is HUGE an you can almost always have the latest OS or better variants of it loaded up on your devices within minutes.

Sorry you had to get up on your soapbox for nothing - but you are incorrect. Sony pushed out and update that brings these to Android 4.1.1. Google Now works great on them, I’m using mine right now. The only thing I can think of regarding your situation is that you have the older Sony Tablet S.

You think you could talk them into pushing out an update for my Sony Dash?

I bought one (Nook HD+) from a posting on deals.woot & am pretty satisfied with it now that it (stock) includes the Google Play Store (rather than being limited to B&N’s Nook ecosystem) access.

It should also be noted that these don’t include cameras nor GPS receiver