Sony 32GB or 64GB Xperia Tablet w/Cradle

JB 4.1.1 update now rooted, from xda

Also to note, the SD card storage is just for media. Not sure if was mentioned anywhere.

I saw this and immediately thought of the large Sony Home Theatre Universal Remote. That was larger than a paperback, which was awesome for those who don’t want to lose their remote on a cluttered coffee table or in the sofa. This tablet is comparable in price to a Logitech Harmony 1000 Advanced Universal Remote, but you get bonus tablet features. I haven’t seen much discussion of the IR app, but the ones I have seen suggest it can perform macros (like the remotes mentioned above).

As an all-in-one home theatre remote that lets you play along with interactive TV apps (Food Network comes to mind, so does Psych), this has potential.

you are wrong about this, you can put what you like on it.

I have owned mine since last November. It has been the best dam tablet i have ever owned by far! I have no complaints about it what so ever, only praise. I have owned over 15 tables so i have allot to compare it to. I buy one because the specs look good and when i get it i find out is sucks in some way shape or form. Then i sell it. When i got the Tablet S, I finally found what i have been looking for all this time. I recently bought the Tablet Z because i am a nut for the best screen out there. I am loving the Z. So dam light and the screen is beautiful and bright. I would recommend the S to anyone if they are not already considering the Z.
NOTE: i never owned a iPad nor will i ever for that price. So i cannot compare it to that. I am an android market man, if i cannot have those apps then its useless to me.

Last I checked I can not transfer apps to the SD card…But maybe I am missing it somewhere.

I too bought the “S” model on Woot! a year ago with cradle for $259 and couldn’t be happier.

I use mine for internet surfing, email, reading, IR remote - which works great and relegated my Harmony 650 to the drawer. I’ve never had any reason to contact Sony so while their support/updatability, etc. might be lacking it’s not been an issue for me.

I bought a cheap (much cheaper than the Xooms at the time) tablet and have taken it with me all over the country. Yes, the WiFi drops out and I have to reboot every so often but that’s not a deal breaker for me. The screen is gorgeous and it plays Netflix, stores my music, pictures and books and the battery life is 6+ hours.

Okay, here’s my caveat - when the new Xperia model first came out it had a LOT of problems. I was going to get one and give my S to the wife and dump her crappy Xoom until I started reading the reviews. That’s the only thing that gives me pause…

I can not disagree with you about the ram. my samsung galaxy smart phone has less than 1 gig of ram. I ran into ram issues all the time. so recently I bought a sony xperia smart phone with 2gb of ram and I have no ram issues yet. I still use the samsung as a mp3 player though because for what ever reason my sony does not work with external speakers or fm transmitters. It does work with head phones and ear buds though so I am not sure why.

Any way I would only buy this if I knew it would work with amazon streaming because my toshiba thrive didn’t work with amazon streaming.

my recomendation is to pass. For the same amount you can get the Samsung Note 10.1 which is a far superior tablet.

My mother got one in April per my recommendation although I do not have one. I helped her set it up and showed her how to use it. I was pleasantly surprised by how fast and responsive it was. Jelly bean is a good system and yes, it can be rooted on this device. I’d rather be stuck with JB instead of Gingerbread like I was on my Droid 3 (curse you Moto and VZW). I was seriously considering buying one for myself but decided to wait until Tablet Z refurbs make it to woot. I would not personally spend the extra dough on the 32 or 64 GB models, but the bonus goodies make this a good deal if you’re in the market.

I had one of these as my first tablet, and after only a couple months of use I sold it and bought a refurb ASUS Transofrmer TF300 from Woot to replace it. I had quite a few problems with it.

I loved the form factor and the design was quite nice. However, I also bought the keyboard touch cover, and it was horrible. I’ve only played around with the Surface touch keyboard, but this tablet’s version of it really paled in comparison.

My biggest problems were all software related. I would get random restarts at least once a day. Factory resets, clearing caches, cold reboots, etc. None of that helped, and it seemed like quite a few other folks were having the same problem, with no help from Sony. I also had a few serious slowdown problems unrelated to the tablet restarting.

I did actually really like the 9 inch screen size, and I wish more tablets were available in that size.

All in all though, the ASUS tablet is just far better. It’s not even a new model but ASUS still supports it with software updates, and everything runs smoothly. The keyboard for the Transformer TF300 is obviously not nearly as good as a laptop keyboard, but it is LEAGUES better than the Sony touch cover, and makes typing out long emails or whatever really easy.

As far as I know, Sony still hasn’t updated the software and I wouldn’t recommend this tablet because of that.

yes but does that have a universal remote. Which is actually the only thing that is tempting about buying this.

I am still looking at reviews, mainly looking to see if this works with amazon streaming. Nothing mentioned about it yet in the reviews.

Being a S tablet owner my experience with Sony has not been that good. Wifi is weak, where as I can drive down the block and still stream to my iPad, the Sony will lose the signal before I even get half-way into my yard.

The Sony also tends to lock up and crash randomly, even though I upgraded it whenever an upgrade came out…

And worse of all is the green blinking light on the side of the tablet. No way to disable it or turn it off so you can’t leave your table in your bedroom at night or it will keep you awake. It is that bright and that annoying… Even when the tablet is turned off it will blink as long as long as the table as a charge. Do a google search and you’ll find many people have the same issue and have not found a way to really eliminate it.

If the table was $150 I would say get it. But at this price, it isn’t worth it.

Don’t get it just for the remote. That feature isn’t one of the better things on the device. It doesn’t give you all the options that the remote needs to give and you can’t even move around the buttons on the virtual remote to make it the way you want it. Just buy a remote and save yourself some money.

From the comments, sad to see the leader in consumer electronics 25 years ago so out of touch with the times, although it looks like they still have the capacity to design good products.

Reminds me of Harley Davidson motorcycles in the 1970s. Beautifully designed motorcycles, fun to ride, but would leak oil in the dealer showroom, and you had better be a mechanic to buy one.

Hi there! This is Sony Support USA. Why do you feel there is a lack of support. We certainly still support the Tablet S. What firmware are you currently running? We’re happy to help. Feel free to reach out to our team for troubleshooting and assistance. You can get in contact with us on the Sony Community ( or via email at

Best Regards,
Sarah Kepler

I do care & how YOU explained the 1 ram vs 2 ram made such good sence & easy for ME to understand…Thank you for your help in my future purcheses

It’s not directly related to this tablet, but here’s another caveat emptor regarding Sony. Yes, they make stylish stuff, but when they drop a product line, you’re left out in the cold. My wife and I love the Sony Dash, but they dropped that product line and now we’re stuck without support.

I am amazed at the mis-information being given.
1GB of RAM is fine for a tablet being used mainly for media consumption. It is not the amount of stuff on the tablet, but the amount of stuff running that bogs down the device. If you use all of the live widgets and have them active, it will slow the system. Close unused apps. (The Xoom is a poor gauge of other tablets on the market being a 1st generation Android device. Those things are OLD).

If you have 32 or 64GB of storage you would have to put a HUGE number of Apps on a device to even think Apps to SD card is necessary. Just put your media on the card. There is TONS of storage for Apps.

It can be rooted

Saying you can get the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 for this price is untrue. I would love to see a link for a NEW (as this is) Note with this amount of memory for this price. Sorry, it does not exist.

That being said, although this is a good price for this tablet, it may not be the best deal going.

Agreed, the blinking green light has airplanes circling my house at night.