Sony Bloggie Touch 8GB HD Camcorder

Buyer beware : I bought this a month or so ago and it worked at first but then after about 10 or so photos it started to glitch. The camera would not turn on and the battery reported that is was almost dead after 24 hours of charging. I thought this would be an awesome camera because I saw that Costco carries it for 100 bucks, but it is simply a crap product that does not work.

Now I am struggling to return a crap product to Sony which pretty much holds zero return policy on these things.

Anyway, save a headache and skip, a smartphone is better than this flip wanna be.

Ladies and gentlemen I have for your viewing pleasure:

An Unboxing Video!

and a video of an idiot using this camera while driving. don’t be an idiot, don’t use this while driving.


Anyone know if you can buy the 360 video lens for this model?

“Bloggie” is just about the worst name ever for a camera. Or anything, for that matter.

AAAAAAhhhhhh, carp! bought the 4 gig version last month. Works great. For $5 more I would totally get this one. Its great for using for the reason its intended for. If you’re looking for a video camera to “catch valuable memories” than this is not the camera for you. You might want to invest in something over 50 bucks. But if you just want something inexpensive to have around for fun times that is quick and easy to use and you don’t care if it happens to fall in a puddle of mud or booze… than this is the camera for you. I dig it.

No spot for a SDHC or microSDHC card? That’s kind of a deal killer.

-the purring dork

Try updating the firmware.

Yes! It works with this one!

I’m twice shy about Sony otherwise I would think about getting one because the 8 Gigga-Donkey version for $50 is what I’ve been kind of been looking to buy.

I bought a 16 GeeBee Red/Black E Series Walkman PMP (refurb) direct from the Sony Store and it failed to load the software and no amount of tweaking could make it work. I sent it back for a full refund but I had to pony up the return shipping on the product and then I was left with nothing but an empty space in my wallet.

I picked up one here on woot Aug, 8 for 39.99. I have not had any problems with mine and for what it is, it works very well. It does not replace a good recorder for really great recordings but for an in your pocket quick shoot, it does very well indeed. A good comparison would be a low end point and shoot still camera to a very nice SLR. For stills I depend more on a nice point and shoot with a much better lens or my SLR. However, for a device you can just have in your pocket and available when that unexpected moment arrives, it is a pretty darn nice thing to have. Sorry for those that missed the deal a couple weeks ago for $10 less but this is still a good deal. BTW, the instructions (paper) that come with it leave something to be desired but there is a full manual already in the camera memory that you can pull up after you hook up the camera to your computer for the full download. Also, the same manual may be found on the online Sony web page.

[MOD: Previous sales were the 4GB Bloggie. This is the 8GB version.]

Is this the same Bloggie Touch Wooted within the past 2 months? I thought it was cheaper before?

Dedicated cameras/camcorders are better that cell phones.

See Sony link

That was the 4GB version. Today’s is 8GB.

My son’s name is Bloggie. How dare you, sir!

I bought this when it first came onto the market. It still works great. As long as you remember that this is a pocket video camera, you’ll be alright. Some people expect way too much out of this little camera and then get mad.

Would this thing beat the quality on my Samsung Galaxy S2? Is this worth getting, or should I keep using my phone for those quick shoots…hmm…

Awesome, thank you. I’ve done some Googling and can’t seem to find a place to buy just the 360 lens. Any ideas?

yes please post the info for wide angle lense. I think I will need one.

The camera has terrible auto focus. The stupid tripod insertion is on the bottom. I grabbed it for $140 when it came out. What a waste.