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Question about the Lipo-6. Everything I am seeing says a serving size is 3 capsules, not 1 like the page says. Has anyone taken these? What is the proper serving size and does it work?

I wonder if they haven’t changed the formula recently. I tried it sometime last year, and I distinctly recall it said one pill in the morning (usually right when I wake up, wait 30 min, and then eat), and one in the afternoon (again, 30 min before eating).

I guess it comes down to whatever the bottle in hand says. Maybe Woot is selling the “old” ones.

1 for one 12pack endorush.

Great preworkout. I hit the gym in the morning and sometimes having to mix my own is a drag before going to the gym so I buy these things at the gym sometimes.

It hits me differently from Jack3D, the pump isn’t as intense when you’re warming up and there’s hardly any crash. During my set I feel like I can push a little harder at the beginning and middle of the rep. I don’t feel the fatigue set in until Ive stopped working out the body part.

8 bucks for 12 of these is a steal.

Not much of a shelf life on the ENDORUSH…“Best by October 2013”…

I bought this during the WootOff yesterday and it was $2 more per case…and it had to be bought in short time. Now this deal is good until October 1. Will make me think twice about woot-off items.

Thinking of buying the Phase-8 in vanilla to mix into smoothies. Has anyone tried this flavor? Is it chalky or overpowering-ly synthetic flavor? I usually like chocolate because it reminds me of chocolate milk but need to mix up the flavors.

I love the Phase8 vanilla flavor. Mixes thoroughly & tastes fantastic. I use it daily mixed with coco water or produce smoothies. Difficult for me to drink slowly because it makes everything taste like a vanilla milkshake.

A great source of sustained proteins & easily my favorite flavor of all brands that I have tried.

the picture is for the Lipo-6 Black which would be a 3 capsule serving size. The page has directions for the Lipo-6 Black Ultra Concentrate

I got the Endorush and Condense last time I saw them on Woot.

As for Condense I use it every day. I’ve never used a product that made me so much more driven while keeping my muscles from cramping and even keeps the downtime to almost nothing.
Suffice to say I’m more than satisfied.
The side-effects are at most cold sweats and some tingling, which is common with supplements containing beta-alanine. Totally harmless even though it scared the crap out of me the first time. It really only happens if you don’t work out after you take it or if you take it on an empty stomach.
The flavor is nice and when made it’s a small amount that keeps you from feeling bloated.

As for the Endorush… well let’s just say I gave it to my friend.
What you drink in comparison is around the same amount but man is this stuff nasty. If you’ve ever had a Monster Hitman it’s kind of like that.
In terms of results it’s much more jittery and sickening. I can’t say how well it works because the 4 times I took it I could not work out long after feeling ill and shaky. MUCH more cold sweat and the tingling sensation is much more apparent than condense.

As a closing note the Woot! price is not great for Condense but it is for the Endorush. If you want to try them out there is no better time for the Endorush, though it does expire soon. The box I got said 10/31/13 so it’s the tail end of October, but just so you know there is 24 servings so unless you use it daily by the time you get it you’re bound to waste some.

Phase8 vanilla mixes easy with no clumps. The flavor is very good. At night I mix a scoop with just a small amount of water and down it. Helps me fall asleep with no hunger grumblings and its easy to make for a quick snack on the go.

I can also vouch for both the vanilla and chocolate flavors. Both taste great, mixes well and are def one of the better proteins ive tried.

This stuff is amazing. I love the Syntha-6 products!!

This deal is beyond amazing and I’m not surprised it sold out so fast.

Our local convenient store sells these for $3.99 each!

Bring this back often!!

Thanks WOOT!

Phase8 is good stuff, and this is the best price for a big tub like this around… websites like bodybuilding sell it for 49.99 and the shipping is usually more then $5.

I bought 2 of the chocolate tubs when Woot released them and just got 1 vanilla and 1 strawberry a few days ago. Stocking up on my protein brah.