Stanley - Heritage



anybody ever try to dishwash these? does it make the outer finish come off?


Amazon 4 out of 5 stars and the only comment was: This water bottle is good. it keeps my liquids relatively cold. And its easy to hold. I just wish it had a rubber bottom like another Stanley that I have. It really keeps the bottle stable. But no real complaints. Nothing too fancy. And I like the color.


Any wise words about sticking these water bottles (with fluid) in the freezer? with the top on/off/loose?


I got a 3-pack of these a couple months ago. They survive the dishwasher and freezer just fine. They are leak proof, but a little bit of a pain to open. They are not heat-proof! I’ve burned my hand many times by grabbing it with fresh-brewed coffee and tea in it.


I have froze similar steel bottles - not this particular one, and it makes the bottom bow out - so its no longer flat - it will still stand upright - but I wouldn’t stand it upright without the cap…I did fill them up about 1/2 way and left the cap off. Didn’t break it just bent it up - but then the kids are really rough on them anyway, so bent bottom doesn’t matter here.


I bought four of these a couple weeks ago - they’re perfectly fine - close tightly, don’t leak at all. They do close so tightly sometimes though that they’re hard to get back open!


I ordered one of these when they were posted on here earlier. I got two, the black and this green one. Unfortunately this green one had a small hole in it, like it had been drilled into the thread. It leaked immediately when I tried to wash it initially. The black one is great, though. Not sure if the green ones, or just mine.


How many Oz of liquid does it hold?




That sucks. We got a green one as well and it is fine… no hole, no leaking. I’m sure Woot would replace yours! :slight_smile:


Thank you!