Steelseries Siberia Full-Size Headphones

I love headphones!! You should love them too!

BTW, I’m first and not u!

When did mannequins start listening to music?




Double post fail.

Woot this!

I’ve had a black pair of these for over a year and a half, and I’ve dropped them off my desk a few times, tugged roughly on the cable (It’s gotten lodged between my speakers/monitor, I have a strange desk setup) and it’s still working just like the day I got it. Extremely comfortable for extended use, I’ve worn these for 4+ hours almost every day. These are kind of headphones you forget are there!

The only problem I had is not present in this offer: The audio cable with an adjustable volume dial on it started to fizzle and crackle when adjusting volume and ultimately stopped transferring the right channel to the headphones. I got a new volume controller from Radioshack and the headphones are just as great as they’ve always been.

I dont see a wootpodcast…

i want a headset not headphones, come on razer headset.

Does this come with the storage head?



Weren’t these just on sellout.woot? with in the last week? did any one get 'em?

These aren’t worth the price of shipping. Gaming headset with no microphone…


Not too bad of a deal at all!

1971 called and wants their headphones back.

thanks but i already have a set of nerdy gaming headphones… wireless… so double nerdy… OH YAA BABY!!! but these look cooler

the lights arent flashing anymore…does that mean this is the last thing?

Amazon has them for $46 new, in black. Looks like a great price :slight_smile: