Stolen designs on Spreadshirt

A simple question is currently being ripped off by a couple of people on spreadshirt :frowning:

I also recognize a design from Fishbiscuit5 and other woot shirts stolen by this user on spreadshirt:

Also, recognize the wookie ripping apart toy c3po from patrickspens and probably other desings as well as mine from:

I think this shirt is also being illegally sold on amazon (not listed as a woot shirt on the site):

This vigilance is always appreciated.
FYI, there’s a master thread to report this stuff.

Absolutely. Any time design thieves are shut down, it’s a win.

I do know that Woot’s legal requires the original shirt’s page in their submissions; I’m in no position to look until tomorrow, though, so kg07 (or anyone else), if you have the time …

Hi there. Working with Legal on this. Thanks again!

Thanks acraigle, Narfcake and ThunderThighs. I will add anything that I come across to the dedicated thread in the future.

TeeChip stole DoOomcat’s shirt!

[VMod edit: Real:
Main ‘report theft’ thread is here:]

Reported! Thank you!