Super Hero Clubhouse Series

Well, generally I’m a DC kind of girl, but there they go dissing Cap and canceling the Legion of Superheroes. 'S marvelous it is ; )

Marvelous FTW! But both designs are great.

I’m in the DC club myself, but both of these are awesome. Love the colors against the b/w background.

I’m confused about the Marvel one, specifically the two in the back that aren’t colored. I assume the one with the bow is Hawkeye, but why doesn’t he have a costume? And who’s that to his left??

Hulk most likely?

definitely hulk and hawkeye. i also like how spidey is half hiding behind the ladder. it’s a nice nod to him officially joining the MCU.

Why are they out of kids size 6?

Show of hands: who else thinks this needs to be a double-sided shirt?


the one on left is def Bruce Banner and probably a nod to the grey hulk ( the original hulk) and spidey always wanted to be a permanent member of the Avengers but they would never let him. Only let him team up when they needed something.

Very much Watterson’s ‘Calvin’ facial expressions, especially on the ‘rejects’. A subtle homage is so much better than loud and flashy. Extremely well played, Dooom! Insta-buy.

It’s Green Arrow. Know what I say about the DC clubhouse…Hulk Smash!.

Cool shirt though.

Prints, people, prints!. On gray canvas (looks awesome against the gray). These need to be hanging on opposite sides of the window in my studio.

Arrow has Green, Lantern has Green. So then why does Hulk Not Have Green. It’s clear by all other comparisons that it’s Hulk, i.e. forearms, nose, shoulders. So a little green in the hair would have pushed this over the top for me. Love the idea. I am primarily a MARVEL guy, and one of my best friends is a DC dude. This would have been a great pair of shirts to wear to the next DC or MARVEL movie we go to. Just Thinking It’s INCOMPLETE.
May seem too picky, but then arene’t we all picky about something. I just happen to be picky about the details.
(Jeopardy final answer music playing in the back ground.) Do DO Do do Do DO do . . .

went to order for my son they are sold out of most kids sizes

Alternatively, Dooomcat could have added purple to the Marvel one for Hawkeye and Hulk’s shorts/hair.

True, that could have worked.
I was trying to keep the palette limited as they’re pretty busy designs, but I had to add green on the DC one.

Maybe if Woot does posters/canvases of these at some point… :slight_smile:

Not cool, man!

How can I decide which one to buy? And even if I buy both, then I have to face the epic decision of which one to wear!!

Not cool, man… Not cool!

At least there’s not a GotG or X-Men shirt in the mix, too!


Come on guys if you are only going to carry kids sizes in 4 6 and 8 you can’t run out before the half way mark. Boo