T-Rex Digital Platinum Series 12ft 1080p HDMI Cable

Goodnight everyone -.-

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T-Rex Digital Platinum Series 12ft 1080p HDMI Cable
$2.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 T-Rex Digital TR-HDMI4M v1.3b 1080p 12’ HDMI Cable

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Nooooooooooooooooo… (echoing off into the night)


Um, don’t need! I thought it was a real T-rex… dang!

wootalyzer is the shiz! i set it up to make sirens n flashes on new items. its beast. n cable great price


Ughhh, this is definitely not as interesting as the last one. I’ll give it a good three minutes to sell out before I go to bed :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank GOD. Exactly what I’ve been hoping to see pop up. In for 3!!

On second thought, maybe not.

OOooh, shiney, more fracking cables!!! Maybe I can use them to hang myself.

As I was saying for the last item, it was at least Woot-Off worthy.

This item, not so much.

Come on guys.

Edit:…and girls.

Great price for great cables! In for 3

My OCD prevents me from quitting. It doesn’t prevent me from not repeating. This has been a disappointment.

Threw down for 2… next!

I work in Electronic sales, and a very important thing to keep in mind when purchasing any cables, including HDMI is length. You definiteley don’t want to buy a 12 foot cable when you only need 2-3 feet cause that extra footage just adds space for damage to occur and for signal problems. Other than that though if you need a 12 foot cable this is a great buy. We sell these for 59.99.

pretty cheap for a 12-footer especially with the $5 off code!

In for 2…don’t say I didn’t do my part to move this circus along!

my hdmi caple broke n i think best buy wants around 40 bucks or so. so with 5 dollar coupon 3 bucks is a steal. this brand good? or basically a cables a cable?

Good timing. In for 2. I have been wanting some HDMI for my 360 for a while, but wanted longer cords to put it higher out of reach of my 1 year old(like on shelf on the wall or something, strapped of course). I got the second because I am sure my roommate will buy it from me for 5+ bucks… so I will make out okay.

Did my duty…bought 2 and finally used my Substitutionary Locomotion coupon! $5.98 total, right to my mailbox! Now…will someone please walk down to my mailbox and bring it to me?!