Targus Wireless Mouse with Chillhub Bundle

anybody got any idea how big this thing is?

I have a 14.1" laptop.

I paid $25 just for a good cooling mat . . .

Anyone have any idea the size of the chill mat? Would it fit a 17 inch?

I have a similar targus chillmat, it works nicely. It was $20 alone, the mouse is a nice bonus.

Which is r3furbed? The mouse or the cooler?

Oh, wow, AND it’s a USB hub? Good stuff.

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Targus Wireless Mouse with Chillhub Bundle
$14.99 + $5 shipping
condition: Refurbished
product: 1 Targus BUS0144 Wireless Mouse Chillhub Bundle

The chillmat is 17" according to a description of the BUS0144 bundle on elinktech

Is this any good?


says it’s only 11.75" x 9" x 0.8" so 17 " might be a bit of a stretch but it should work on my 14"

so is the mat powered externally…

I don’t believe so, especially if it’s a USB hub I’d be almost certain it’s powered off the bus.

does this work with macs???

I bought that cooler. It lasted two days; the fan hit the flimsy plastic grill when I set my laptop on it.

A review on Dell said that it didn’t have to be powered externally, but will drain the laptop battery when powered through usb (duh) if the laptop isn’t plugged in.

Wow, this is actually a pretty good deal…These go for a lot more on ebay:

eBay Results: Chillhub

hope that helps…

I’m in for 2. One for each of my two notebooks in the house.

Apparently this pulls air away from the notebook rather than just across it. Ir runs the coolest at full load compared to other notebook coolers on the market. Plus, the mouse is a total bonus since the cooler alone go for $50 retail direct from Targus.

In for 2 also… too cheap… too cheap…

I’m in…

I have been wanting one of these for a while, and the price is good.

Plus. A new mouse would be cool…