Terra Valentine Cabernet Magnum (1)

Terra Valentine Cabernet Magnum 1-Pack
$119.99 $200.00 40% off List Price
2006 Terra Valentine Yverdon Estate Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley - Magnum

From CT:
Community average value: 750ml @ $52.07 (101 users)
Wine Market Journal quarterly auction price: Terra Valentine Cabernet Sauvignon Estate Yverdon Spring Mountain District - 1.5L @ $66.00

Fan of Terra Valentine for quite some time although have not had this particular wine. The cabs, especially the regular Spring Mountain cabs always seemed to over deliver for the price.

Fwiw Terra Valentine no longer owns this vineyard, having sold it and all or most of their Spring Mountain property to Jackson Family a couple of years ago.

Thanks for posting the auction price. However I always take those with a grain of salt. There is no talk of the bottles condition and you have to take the auction houses premium on top of the price as well. But it looks like 1 person got a nice aged magnum at a great price.

I’m more curious what happened in Feb '15 to bump the price to $80 from $65 for a 750. Review?
And not all houses charge a premium; K&L.

Hey, come on now. I’m getting old(er) fast enough. Don’t push me into '16 yet!

Could have been a day nobody was looking? Heck I have bought Corison for $35 at auction :slight_smile:

Same advertised price as the winery…how is this a good deal? Why is this on winewoot?

Ha. fatfingersfixed. tnx.

I highly doubt shipping is included when you buy direct from the winery…

Not much of a woot. Doing the math from sales stats.show they have sold 5 whole bottles.

Two things to consider:

  1. Shipping cost for a single magnum from northern to southern California is around $15. Goes up from there for elsewhere in the country.
  2. A stash that has never moved from the winery cellar is more likely to have seen proper storage conditions through its whole life. Not necessarily so if it’s sat in warehouses here and there.

Yeah…I was doing the math also…They are up to 6 now…That is pathetic…