A Multitude of Magnums

A mag of Ice wine!?
I’m coming to that party.

Seriously. Except then it’s $75 per half bottle equivalent. For Vidal. I can get Cab Franc Icewine from the homeland for that kind of $.

But, but… it’s made from 88% Howell Mountain Cab Sauv! Not many Vidal ice wines can make that claim! :tongue:

Seriously though, knock $100 off and it’s still $50/split. Full retail is $40 per. Granted, this is 2007 vintage - a library wine now but they offer a 2-pack of 375s on the website; one bottle of 2007 and one bottle of 2013 + 2 dessert wine glasses for $80. As much as I <3 ice wine and Hunt Country wines in general and covet this magnum specifically, no way I’m forking over $300 for it.

TT or other mod: the specs are wrong. You cannot make Vidal Blanc Icewine from
“Grape Varietals: 88% Cabernet Sauvignon, 12% Malbec
Vineyard Sources: Napa Valley (Howell Mountain and Pope Valley)
Winemaker: Sarah Gott
Alcohol: 13.9%”

I cannot speak for the winemaker or the alcohol content though.

[MOD: THANKS! Fixed.]

Hi Wooters, this is Jim from Hunt Country. It is savagely expensive, but I thought it would be fun to include our ice wine magnum in this offer. It is purchased mainly for wedding and anniversary parties, and as a collector item. A number of buyers are keen to have a “big” memento from the nation’s oldest continuous producer of genuine ice wine! We produced just 31 bottles, and each is serial-numbered (on the rear label). Our winemaker and I manually bottled, corked, labeled and capsuled each bottle. This aged ice wine has developed beautiful raisin and honey notes. Really exceptional.

Hi Jim, always a pleasure to read you and appreciate the response regarding magnum pricing. With the manual labor involved and only 31 bottled (with presumably just a fraction of those still available), I can certainly understand charging a premium. Still more than I’m willing to pay but I think it makes the cost a bit more palatable. :slight_smile:

What Chip said. And we’re basically the two biggest icewine fans on wine.woot :slight_smile:

If this had been a couple months ago we’d likely have picked it up for our wedding.

Both Benesere and Clif Family Magnums are an amazing deal. Both very reputable wineries. I highly recommend these.

Do you still work for Clif?

I would love to use it bring me love…

Baby Baby ! ^^^