Pedroncelli 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon Three Vineyards 1.5L Magnum - 2 Pack

Pedroncelli 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon Three Vineyards 1.5L Magnum - 2 Pack
$39.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 1 Pedroncelli 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon Three Vineyards 1.5L Magnum
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Dang, siwbm beat me by a magnum for first sucker!

This is a much larger format of the Monkey 2nd Prize. Same wine.

absolutely certain it’s made out of monkeys?!
in any case it’s a tenner a bottle, but in cool magnums. that’s pretty nice.

Seems there is a little price premium over the smaller format version, which is normal. Any chance Woot/Predoncelli can relabel these as Monkey 2nd Prize and knock a few dollars off?

2 pack or 1 bottle?

The title says 2 pack but the product description says 1. WHAT IS IT?!

I’m going to buy, expecting it to be a 2 pack.

magnums always cost more. you’re an optimist on a deal like this!

Ah, I see Last woot: Monkey 2nd Prize Identical stats, same winery!

EDIT: You said this was more expensive!! IT’s NoT: this is the SAME price as the monkey 2nd prize, or near enough with shipping.
$40 for 4 bottles (in two magnums) rather than $60 for 6 bottles for the Monkey. Shipping is insignificantly larger per bottle.

Does anyone know how much one of their magnums costs regularly?

2 magnums = 4 regular bottles.

So $10 is the same price as the monkey wine.

We don’t normally sell them retail. They are for special promotions, prizes, collectors. We would generally value them at $32 srp if that helps.
When the monkeys called, I couldn’t resist offering our WineWoot friends something special from the deep recesses of the cellar! Enjoy-

I’ve had one bottle of the Monkey’s 2nd Prize, and it clearly needs time. However, what are your thoughts around these magnums holding up for 18 years? (my son’s 18th birthday)

I’m guessing that it won’t be that amazing…but probably quite quaffable. Seems about right for an 18 year old’s party?

The 750ml version of this sells on their website for $16, with a discount available for quantities.

So is it a 2-pack or just 1 bottle?

Not available on the regular website that I could find. A normal bottle runs $16…so this would cost you $64

Misprint… 2-pack, 4 bottles’ worth of wine

Anyone know if a magnum or two bottles is heavier. Do you save on glass weight with a magnum?

I doubt it’s significant either way, but I do know that the larger format bottles age better.

In for two! Or is that four?

Pedroncelli 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon Three Vineyards 1.5L Magnum - 2 Pack
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Liked the Monkey 2nd Prize - wouldn’t mind having an alternate label for those occasions where people will think that a funny label equals a bad wine.

And … I don’t have any magnums - so … In for two.

P.S. The Pedroncelli (/St.John) folks are really good people and have been wonderful to the wooters

Ugh … I have resisted the entire woot off (even the Wellington) but I do like the Pedroncelli wines. Looks like time to dive into the pool :slight_smile: