Teva Men's Deacon

Teva says these are discontinued and, when you search their site, they show you the Omnium as being a similar style. I know the Omnium is very well reviewed and has been very popular, but I was wondering if anyone may have experience with these Deacons and/or the Omniums and can comment on these.

Some of the bigger differences I notice are the toe of the Omnium is more enclosed and has a rubber bumper. They both have a hook-and-loop strap across the instep, but the Omnium also has one around the heel as well. I like the idea of the strap, even if it’s just one, better than just the slide adjuster on my Kitlings.

Update: After thinking about what I said about the hook-and-loop strap on these, I decided to go ahead and order a pair. So I’d still be interested in any feedback but, since I’ve now purchased a pair, hopefully it will be complimentary. Just kidding … kinda.

I was looking to order a pair to replace the Deacon’s I got on Woot like 3-4 years ago, but unfortunately, I don’t see half sizes and I need 10.5. My feedback is that the Deacon are an excellent sandal and very comfortable, provided you get the right size. The ones I have are still in very good condition on the top, although the soles are worn considerably. I could probably get another year out of them for sure.

Just purchased this for my bf.He normally wears 10.5 but i took an 11. Hope I get a good deal and it comes in tip top condition.

Thanks for your feedback dolphin80, it’s appreciated! Hope I get as much use out of them as you.

ok so i got these sandals and were a perfect fit.My bf loves looks strong and expensive and he says its veryyyy comfy